LEC 16 Officers – Introduction

From left – Jennifer Levcun, Joelle Jaeger, and Heather Coleman

Hello fellow LEC 16 members,

July 1st marked the official first day of a three-year term as your newly elected Officers for AFA-CWA Local Executive Council 16 (LEC) which represents BOI, SEA, GEG and PAE.

Firstly, thank you to our previous LEC 16 officers, Heather Coleman, Bryan Grosvold and Aimee Baird for their commitment, hard work and dedication to their fellow HZN AFA members.

Here is your new team for the next three years.

Joelle Jaeger, President. Joelle has been with Horizon Air for 12 years. She has been active with the Negotiation Committee since summer of 2018. Joelle recently completed Initial New Officer Training in June and has recently stepped into the acting role of MEC Communications Chair. She is looking forward to making a difference by providing information regarding our contract, how it protects us and being an advocate for her fellow flight attendants during this term.

Jennifer Levcun, Vice President. Jennifer has been with Horizon Air for 21 years, (22 with AAG). She has served on the Health and Safety Committee for 5 years, Grievance Committee for a year and is currently serving as the SEA ACT Chair during negotiations. She recently completed intermediate Health and Safety training as well as Initial Officer Training in June. Jennifer is honored to serve fellow flight attendants in this new position.

Heather Coleman, Secretary. Heather has been with Horizon Air for 20 years. Stepping down from LEC President after 9 years, currently serves as our MEC FAB Chair and is basic EAP/CIRP trained. She has been on various committees and has attended multiple trainings. Her service as a volunteer and a voice is greatly appreciated. Her experience and continued participation are invaluable for all of us.

Our goals during the three-year term are to improve communication on issues that we, as Flight Attendants are facing as a workgroup. We are dedicated to re-educating our fellow members about who AFA-CWA is and how they advocate and support us. We have a strong desire to empower each member with the knowledge of how the contract protects us and we want to give each of you the tools necessary to advocate for yourselves. You’ll have a better understanding of the committees, how they work, and who your fellow volunteers are when you need them. We’ll work on fostering teamwork within our workgroup as well as the other workgroups we work closely with daily. Our hope is to inspire each other, help others as volunteers and grow our committees.

Thank you so much for your support and trust in us as your fellow team members to drive this positive change. We look forward to working with each of you.

In Solidarity,

Joelle Jaeger, Jennifer Levcun and Heather Coleman