May Food & Beverage Meeting Notes

May Packing Feedback, going ok, not a lot of reports. Please report if missing items. Reporting will help us develop what we can get and do in the future. Along with tracking trends, missing items. 

Coffee use on Q400, request for 2 pots, rather than Mapco, order in SEA/PDX. Possible on starflights, I did not get ETA  

Minimum Catering, no holds on E175 besides having all galley equipment

Guidelines on holding for catering- 

Departing from HUB city (SEA, PDX, SFO, LAX, SAN) if under 350 miles, no hold, BUT IF over 350 miles request catering if supplies are missing. 

Departing from NON HUB, no holds for catering under/over 350 miles. 

All equipment, carts and atlases must be in place, Departing from HUB or out station.  

Service flow on E175, possible move to both FA’s doing FC and MC together as a team. Thoughts? 

What the future looks like, snacks and meals not for some time, possible PAX safety kit being looked at, gloves and mask etc, mini soda cans, improve report it and reporting from FA’s 

On A/C box of 50 disposable masks, May 11th will be required, Q400 RHS with blanket bag, E175 placed in with the demo bag 

FA’s are allowed to have main cabin snacks

Cart revision, have requested more galley wipes 10-12 and ginger ale, and more apple/OJ. Small cans of soda being looked at. Asked for gluten free snack option.

If NOT being catered at HUB city, make sure to report it, need to be able to track it. If no ice on beer, also report it.  

Any questions, please reach out, 

Heather Coleman
MEC FAB Chair