MAY20 BID Frequently Asked Questions

In expectation of an increase in PBS questions related to Reserve, Part-Time, and Credit Windows for the MAY20 bid, the PBS Committee has put together the following “FAQ.”  Please refer to it as you build your MAY20 bid.  As a reminder, bidding does not open until April 8 at 0900.  We are sending this FAQ out in advance of bidding opening to ensure all FAs have time to review it before entering your bids.  You can view the new bidding timeline in our previous email, and it is currently posted on the Info page in NAVBLUE.

If you have any questions we didn’t cover, need clarification, or would like some help setting up your MAY20 bid, send us an email at

Happy Bidding!
Claire Wilson (Michaels), Lexie Massey, Trinity Hicks & Dee Dee Caldwell
Joint PBS Committee


Part Time