MEC Holiday Message

Dear Flying Partners at Horizon Air,

2020 began with a prosperous transportation industry. We were nearing the end of our contract negotiations and were hopeful for a smooth transition to a new contract. 

COVID-19, however, had different plans for us. We watched as our brothers and sisters at Compass, Express Jet and Miami Air lost their jobs. 

We rallied to secure unprecedented job protections for airline workers through the CARES Act all the while dealing with the impact of COVID on our family, friends and co-workers. We have all been touched by a story of a flying partner, friend or neighbor that had a loved one in a hospital, unable to visit, to care for them and possibly didn’t have the chance to say a final goodbye.

It’s possible that 2020 has been the most difficult year in our life. And it may be the most difficult one for our Union, the airline industry and our Country.

As we close out the year there is hope. We have an extension to our Payroll Support Program. We have had two new hire classes and there are two vaccines that are being distributed. We have faced adversity before. We came through it stronger and more unified. And we will do the same again.

Recovery may be slow, but we have each other to hold on to as we go into the new year.

As different as this holiday season may look for each of us, we hope that you take time to celebrate all that we have accomplished over the last year and also remember those you may have lost.

On behalf of your Master Executive Council officers and our many local volunteers we want to wish all of you and your family a healthy, safe and happy holiday.

In solidarity,

Lisa, Todd, Aimee, Kirk and Joelle