MEC News

November 18, 2019

Uniform Guidelines/Policy:

As of November 12, 2019, the new Alaska/Horizon Uniform Guidelines/Policy for Flight Attendants became effective. You can find the complete Guidelines/Policy located Onyourhorizon/Employee Resources/Uniforms.  Part of the new policy speaks to the number of pins that a Flight Attendant can wear on their uniform.

Currently the uniform guidelines/policy indicated that you can wear the official AFA pin on your uniform, upper left side of the uniform or lower 1/3 of lanyard (page 8).  We want to clarify that you can also wear your AFA pin on your uniform on the right side of your blazer, sweater, jacket or dress and on the uniform collar or as a tie tac (CBA Article 21 J Association Pins) in addition to the upper left side of your uniform and bottom 1/3 of your lanyard as outlined within the Alaska/Horizon Uniform Guidelines/policy.

Clarifying Co-Domicile CBA language:

We know that reserves who are domiciled in Seattle have had questions regarding transportation and reporting between the Co-domiciles of SEA/PAE.  Your CBA Article 6 M Co-Domiciles outlines reserve responsibilities when reporting to a Co-domicile.

If you have a SEA Reserve Availability Period Block you are required to report to SeaTac within 2 hrs. of your call out from Crew Scheduling.  If a SEA reserve holding a SEA Reserve Availability Period Block is called out to PAE for a reserve assignment, then you need to use best efforts when you are reporting for your show time to PAE.  Crew Scheduling will always give you at least 2 hours for your report but if you can’t make it on time for your scheduled report time due to traffic or the need to take public transportation because you don’t own your own car, as long as you use your best efforts to get to PAE you will not be held accountable for a late show.

You must inform Crew Scheduling at the time of the call out to the Co-domicile, if you do not believe, using best efforts, you will make the scheduled show/report time.  If you do report late, make sure to keep a screen shot showing the bus route you took or the traffic mapping (showing drive time) if using your own car.  A Supervisor will follow-up with you and if you show best efforts you are covered under your AFA CBA.

(You cannot be required to take uber/lyft/taxi for your Co-Domicile report unless it is prepaid by management).  You are only required to use your best efforts when using your personal transportation or public transit.

This works in reverse if you are holding a PAE Reserve Availability Period Block and are called out to SEA.  If you have questions about best effort as outlined in your CBA contact one of your AFA grievance representatives.  You can find their contact information on

Bidding a Reserve Block for SEA or PAE:

When you hold a SEA or PAE reserve block you should not be called out to the Co-Domicile until those Co-Domicile reserves holding reserve blocks of equal or more availability have been called out.  You should monitor the Reserve Availability List (found on eCrew under Reserve List).  If you believe that the Co-Domicile which you have been called out to has reserves with equal or more availability days then you should still accept the reserve assignment, take a screen shot of the reserve availability list and file a “report a issue” form on  When reserves report potential violations of the CBA online, we can ensure that crew scheduling stops the practice and all reserves benefit.

If you have questions related to short call reserve utilization at a Co-Domicile, then contact one of you AFA grievance representatives.  You can find their contact information at

Contract Negotiations:

We are entering a critical phase of negotiations.  For December we will be fighting hard for wage, benefit and work rule improvements.  These elements are what we call the economics of the contract and tend to be the most contentious at the negotiation table.  If you believe that that your pay rate, Per Diem, medical and work rules should receive improvements then wear your AFA red pin.  If you don’t have a red AFA pin wear your white AFA pin.  Wearing the pin tells everyone that you support improvements in pay, benefits and work rules!

Thank you:

Thank you to all who were able to come out and show their solidarity at SEA & PDX on November 6th!  This is a first important step in showing just how motivated the Horizon Flight Attendant group is to ensure that we receive a fair contract.  More actions to come.  Don’t feel up to speed on contract negotiations? Sign up to received updates to your personal email at

AFA Horizon Air website:

Your AFA volunteers have been working hard on improvements to  If you haven’t visited the website in the last month, we encourage you to visit.  User interface for both the mobile and desktop versions have been improved.  The site is now very easy to navigate and allows you to stay up to date on all negotiation activities as well as other newsworthy events within AFA.

Visit today.