MEC Safety Committee Update

MEC Safety Committee Update

January 23, 2020
by Jennifer Levcun – ASHS Fatigue Chair


Happy New Year everyone!

We are writing regarding our new FEAT online Fatigue Awareness class.

Your Horizon Air AFA Health, Safety and Security Committee was extremely involved with developing and implementing the online FEAT Training course. The Committee collaborated with management to ensure all members were provided with important information regarding fatigue.

Some of the implemented recommendations the committee made were:

  • Adding current FAA data regarding fatigue
  • The incorporation of health risks with fatigue awareness
  • Keeping the Fatigue Time Chart for easy accessibility
  • Adding interactive questions
  • Self-evaluation concerning fatigue
  • The importance of reporting fatigue
  • Ways to mitigate fatigue

These are just a few items that were added by QX AFA to educate our workgroup about the importance of acknowledging when one is fatigued and the importance of rest when one is pushed to a fatigue level.

Please ensure you complete this required training by January 31st. You will receive one (1) credit after completion of the online training. Questions about accessing the FEAT training? Please email Angela Jones, Manager of Inflight Training at

Hope you learned a lot about fatigue and enjoyed your FEAT training!