Negotiation Update

Negotiation Update

Negotiating for your future

Before we get into our usual update, the Negotiating Committee and the MEC want to THANK YOU for your tremendous support at our solidarity events in PDX and SEA.  We received great media coverage, and management took note. They know that AFA and the public are behind us – and most importantly, so are you!

Management did increase its wage offer slightly to 2% in the first year but maintained its proposal for 1.5% raises in each of the subsequent four years. They did not make much movement in the rest of their package either. Due to the shortened nature of the session (management had to cancel the third day to attend a company-wide leadership meeting), AFA did not make a counter proposal. We will start off the next session with our comprehensive proposal.

Our next session is a long onefrom December 4-10, including working over the weekend. We’re taking management away from their desks and offices and we will all be meeting in Olympia, where there should be no distractions. Management has said that it wants to reach a deal by the end of the year. We will see how much this means to them. Rest assured, however, that AFA will not reach an agreement just so we can meet a deadline. Any tentative agreement must be something worth putting out for you, to ratify. If we don’t reach an agreement, get ready to turn up the heat! We have only four words for management: DO THE RIGHT THING!

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