Negotiations Update: #1

Negotiations Update: #1

September 3, 2023

The Negotiating Committee attended Negotiations Training on August 8th and 9th, 2023, at the AFA International Office in Washington, DC. We spent the days learning about the Railway Labor Act, negotiations procedures and strategies, and ways to bring all Flight Attendants into the fight for a fair contract. 

After the session, we spent the next two days drafting the negotiation survey. We expect it to go live within the next two weeks. The survey will be open to all Flight Attendants, including those on probation. We are eager to hear your feedback! 

These survey results will guide us as we draft our opening proposals during the first week of October. Just a reminder, we do not publish the survey results as we do not want management to know our priorities! If you find that the survey doesn’t cover an issue that’s important to you, email the committee no later than October 1st. After that date, we want to continue receiving your ideas, but we can’t guarantee they will be considered in time to make it into the opener. As a reminder, please do not use your Company email for communications with us; remember that management has access to your Company email.

Once we have drafted the opener, we will present it to the MEC on October 17th and 18th. Under AFA’s Constitution and By-Laws, the MEC must approve the opener before it can be presented to the Company.

Our first negotiations session with management is set for November 14-17. This will be our first face-to-face meeting, where both sides will announce what they hope to gain in the new contract. We will definitely update you again after that session.

Make sure we have your personal email address on file so that we can send you updates directly. They’ll also be published on our website.

This fight belongs to all of us. We may be the faces at the table, but YOU hold the power. We got this!

In solidarity,

Your AFA Negotiating Committee

MEC President Lisa Davis-Warren
Heather Coleman
Lexie Graham
Kimberley Chaput, AFA Attorney and Negotiator
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