Negotiations Update – January 2020

Negotiation Committee Update

JANUARY 31, 2020

We met with management for two days this week. The first day we spent going over the remaining issues where we have continued to reach an impasse. On the second day we were previously scheduled for the mixed pairing/aircraft swap arbitration and due to witness availability, we needed to reschedule. To attempt to gain movement in areas that have not seen much traction in recent sessions, we decided to use the arbitrator as a mediator on the remaining items. 

We are not able to discuss what was decided, or not decided upon, but we can communicate that it was helpful to have the mediator’s input on these issues. We will be meeting again next week, without management, to discuss our next steps and will communicate again in the very near future.

We are getting closer and hope you will continue the great support you have been providing to us for these last thirteen months. Wear your red pins, continue to take those pictures and post them to our social media pages and stand strong!

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