New Negotiations ACT Team

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know, our contract negotiations have officially begun!  This is an extremely important time to stay connected with our AFA Union and stand in unity for our future here at Horizon Air.

We would like to introduce ourselves. We’re Sirkka Haagen (PDX) and Jennifer Levcun (SEA), committee chairs of your HZN AFA Negotiations Action Contract Team (ACT). Their Bio’s can be found at the bottom of the page by clicking here.

As ACT Chairs, our duty is to provide our peer group with information about negotiations. We are scheduled to be available to you two days a month in the PDX and SEA crew rooms after each negotiating session. We will be there as a liaison between the Negotiating Committee and our fellow members to share topics that are being discussed at the negotiating table for that specific month. We’ll answer questions, clear up any misconceptions and note your questions and concerns to bring back to the Negotiation Committee.

Communication plays an important role in our success and greatly influences our organizational culture, employee morale, public perception and customer satisfaction. It is vital, then, to work together moving forward and we are so excited to be a voice during the negotiation process. We encourage you to participate and get involved!

You are all invited to our first ACT crew sit:

1. PDX dates are:

February 10th: 0500 – 1800 and

February 11th: 0500 – 1430


2. SEA dates are:

February 11th: 0730 – 1330 and

12th: 1100 – 2100.

We will be handing out AFA pins and lanyard badges with contact information, as well as building our profile page for negotiations. We’re starting with something fun– a selfie page sporting our AFA gear—especially the pin. Wearing the AFA pin shows management that you support the Union and you believe we deserve—and will get– an improved contract. Please stop by; your participation is welcomed and needed! We’re always better together, stronger together!

This is a great time to wear your AFA gear and show the company that we are unified in making our employment environment a safe, lucrative and wonderful place to work.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Jennifer Levcun- SEA ACT Chair

Sirkka Haagen- PDX ACT Chair