New PAE Parking – UPDATED

AFA has been discussing the amenities of the PAE operation with Kieran Whitney for several weeks and the parking lot is one of those amenities. Additionally, parking at a base is covered in our contract language, Article 4.C. Parking. Heather Coleman, LEC 16 President, recently drove to PAE to view the proposed parking lot and expressed the Council’s concerns to the MEC. AFA MEC leaders were able to speak with Kieran and express the following security concerns before he attended a “parking” meeting later that day:

  1. Vacant offices in the vicinity
  2. Visible signs of the homeless having used the parking lot and vacant offices
  3. Large hedges on one side of the parking lot blocking views
  4. Lack of security as well as a lack of secure fencing around perimeter of parking lot
  5. Located in a less desirable area of town
  6. Lighting

At our last management meeting we proposed a temporary solution to have the shuttle/van driver pick up at each car and drop off at each individual car. This would ensure someone was there at night while we are getting in to ours and could provide assistance and/or stay with us if a car was unable to start, etc.

After expressing our concerns about the safety of our flight attendants, we are now pleased to announce that the company has moved us, temporarily, from a vacant parking lot to on-site airport parking. Please see Dee Dee’s email below for instructions on how to park at PAE.


Hello Everyone,

Have some updates to share about the temporary parking arrangements at PAE.

For the month of April, we will be parking in the terminal parking lot.  It is the P1 short term parking lot out in front of the terminal.  This is a short term solution until a long term arrangement can be worked out.  When parking in the short term parking lot, your parking tickets will need to be validated.  Here is a sample timeline from parking to arriving at your gate:

  • Arrive at parking lot, receive parking ticket (5-10 minutes prior to show time)
  • Check in at crew room inside C5 ops building (The one with the blue Alaska sign on the front)
  • While inside the C5 ops building, stop by the OPS agent (you will walk past this person when going to the crew room) sign your name and grab one “chaser ticket”.
  • Walk to terminal and go through security (10 minutes)

Upon arriving to PAE at the end of your trip:

  • When you leave the parking lot, first insert the white parking ticket
  • Then insert the orange “chaser ticket” (it chases the parking ticket if you want to think of it like that)
  • The gate will lift once you insert both tickets.  If you have any troubles, there is a help button on the terminal to ask for assistance

Due to a limited number of parking space, only crews working flights or deadheading out of PAE are allowed to validate parking.  Crew members traveling for pleasure are not permitted to validate parking.  This is only applies for the month of April until a long term parking solution can be arranged.