October/November ACT Crew Room Sits

Hello Fellow Flight Attendants,

Negotiations with management have begun today, December 4, 2019 and are scheduled to continue through the 10th in Olympia, WA. We conducted negotiation crew sits in October as well as November. We have combined the two communications from each sit for our fellow members to compare.  Your SEA AFA ACT Chair, Jennifer Levcun provided them to share what was discussed from both SEA sessions crew sit.

We want to thank everyone that came by for the SEA ACT Negotiation’s crew room sit.

Everyone had excellent questions and valid concerns along with some wonderful dialogue concerning the recent Negotiation’s communication that was sent out for October.

The top five topics of conversation were:

  1.  Pay increase. 100% of members spoken with stated that the 1.5 % increase offered by management was insufficient and unreasonable. Definitively a NO.
  2.  Members agreed that $2.50 was a fair per diem rate. 
  3.  Members all agreed on 5 credit min. was good, boarding pay/holding pay was necessary and overdue.
  4. 100% still wanted mixed pairings eliminated.
  5. Longevity pay was a topic of concern, along with work rigs.

For the November 25th SEA ACT crew sit the three top concerns and topics of conversation were:

1.    Pay/per diem. Our workgroup wants to see a significant increase in pay due to the high cost of living in the Seattle/Portland area.

Many brought up that we are not keeping up with cost of living increases on taxes, rent, food etc. people want a livable wage. The company chose to have bases in very expensive areas in the nation, they need to pay accordingly.

2.    Rigs. Our workgroup was very vocal about improving work rigs, receiving ground/holding pay, boarding pay, etc.

3.    Commuter policy was a hot topic with the November group of flight Attendants. People want to be able to get to work. Many people live in cities that are not as expensive as Seattle, so they can actually afford to live.

In Unity,

Jennifer Levcun
AFA HZN LEC 16 Vice President
LEC 16 SEA ACT Chair