PAE Base Closure

PAE Base Closure

July 3, 2020 – LEC 16 Communication

Your local Council 16 Officers have recently become aware of the PAE co-domicile closing. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), our fellow pilots, previously had an agreement regarding PAE being a satellite base for them. That is no longer in effect. Obviously, since it has already been decided, it’s evident there had been ongoing conversations between management and the pilots prior to this last weekend. Unfortunately, we were advised by the possible change not from management initially, but from our MEC President, Lisa Davis-Warren finding out second-hand. Lisa was advised about PAE trips being built into other bases during the recent pairing build for AUG and reached out to IBT to inquire about the reasoning for their acceptance of it. It was then she was told the PAE base was closing for pilots.

Your LEC 16 Officers felt strongly about how this would affect our fellow flight attendants who worked out of PAE and wanted to get confirmation directly. We reached out to inflight management last Sunday to inquire about what was occurring and received confirmation from Rachael Mattioli Monday. She stated they heard on Friday that the company and IBT have closed PAE as a pilot base. We are co-pairing our schedules with the pilots until December, therefore, there will be no trips based out of PAE. Rachael did mention there are two daily trips out of PAE planned for August but obviously, will be incorporated into a pairing from another base.

Due to PAE being a co-domicile for us flight attendants, management is not required to give any designated advance notice of changes regarding deactivating it. However, we are disappointed this information was not disclosed earlier. As soon as we get additional information, we will share with you all.

In solidarity,

Your LEC 16 Officers: Joelle, Jennifer and Heather.