PAE Parking – UPDATE

PAE Parking – UPDATE

Over the last few months, management has been actively looking at moving our parking area in PAE from the on-site parking lot to an off-site location. Recently, they tried to move our flight crew to a parking lot that was unpaved, dimly lit, poorly fenced and unmanned after business hours with limited (4) security patrols on property.

AFA and IBT representatives along with QX Management were invited to walk the property in advance of finalizing the contract with the vendor.  During this visit, both AFA and IBT observed several safety concerns; including construction linemen living in travel trailers on site.  This, as well as our other serious safety concerns, were forwarded directly to management and they ultimately agreed these conditions were unsafe for our crew members.

Your AFA volunteers are here to protect, educate, and advise our fellow members as well as adhere to the AFA Constitution and Bylaws.

Please remember that you, our fellow members, are the union. Your volunteer AFA Leadership is working for the good of all QX Flight Attendants.

We will continue to work with management to find a safe and secure parking solution for Paine Field.  

In solidarity,

LEC 16 Council Officers- Joelle Jaeger, Jennifer Levcun and Heather Coleman