PBS Committee – Alternate Position and Upcoming Leave of Absence

Greetings Flight Attendants!

Back in October, we announced an opening for an alternate position for the PBS Committee. The alternate committee member’s duties are to fill in while one of the primary members is on leave or vacation, to maintain adequate AFA representation when dealing with the company. When actively serving, the alternate member will assist with general bidding questions, NAVBLUE system testing, preliminary awards and protests. We are pleased to announce that the MEC has selected Deb Harding-Elliott as the alternate PBS Committee member. She has now been officially trained on both the bidder and administrative side of PBS.

Now that the latest round of bidding and protests is complete, we can also announce that Claire Wilson (Michaels) will be going out on Maternity Leave starting February 14th. Since she will not be available to assist during her absence, please direct all PBS-related questions to Lexie Massey or Deb Harding-Elliott via the PBS Joint email address.

Happy Bidding!

Lexie Massey, Claire Wilson (Michaels) & Deb Harding-Elliott

Joint PBS Committee-AFA