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Hello QX Flight Attendants,

Premium Pay & Crew Statement Review
Hello Fellow Flight Attendants,
After the difficult transition period we experienced from July into August, we’d like to take some time to
review how premium pay is triggered, miscellaneous extra-credit circumstances, and how to find them
in your Crew Statement. It’s always a good practice to review your crew statement and paycheck.
Reviewing your contract is another good way to understand how you are paid, specifically Article 3:
Compensation, Article 6: Scheduling and Article 7: Reserve.
How do I calculate the value of my trip?
The credit value of a regular trip is determined using the highest value result of the following formulas:
• Scheduled Total Block Time, including any deadheads
• Scheduled Duty Time ÷ 2
• Scheduled Time Away From Base ÷ 4
• Minimum 4:00 credits per duty period
If a trip changes from the original scheduled times, the credit value will be recalculated based on what
you actually flew, and you will be paid the greater of actual or scheduled. This is called trip guarantee.
Reserve trips that are self-assigned or assigned by Crew Scheduling to a Reserve are not eligible for trip
guarantee. Trips picked up on days off by a Reserve do get trip guarantee.
Once you know what a trip is normally worth, you can calculate 150% of the value to determine how
much it’s worth as premium pay.
How do I know if I qualify for Premium Pay (PP)?
Premium Pay can be triggered multiple ways and doesn’t always apply to the whole trip. A green trip
picked up out of open time is worth 150%. A trip picked up directly from Crew Scheduling after a text
was sent out is also worth 150%. If you are drafted on a day off or assigned flying on a day marked Will
Fly (WFLY), you’ll receive 150%.
If you have just finished a trip, and CS calls to extend you, you will receive 150% for the additional flying.
A separate trip will be built and the credit value of the extension is calculated as a separate trip.
Although it is considered a new trip for pay purposes, for duty period limitations (FAR and contractual),
your original flying plus the extension, is considered a single duty period.
You may also qualify for PP if you flew a trip that was picked up from Open Time even though it wasn’t
marked as premium at the time you picked it up. If Crew Scheduling offers PP on the exact days (in your
domicile) that you had previously picked up a regular pay trip, then becomes a PP trip too. You only get
PP if your trip falls fully within the days that Crew Scheduling subsequently offered PP for open time
trips. This provision does not apply to trips that were already on your line or trips that were traded with
other flight attendants.
If you trade a regular pay trip for a longer premium pay trip, you will receive 150% pay for the portion of
the new trip that lands on the day(s) you were originally off. For example: if you trade a 2-day trip on the
30th & 31st for a 3-day trip on the 30th-1st, you will receive 150% pay for the credit earned on the 1st only.
Reserves who are out on a trip which becomes delayed and stretches into their day off receive 150% for
all flying done past 00:15 on their day off. For example: your last leg is delayed and gets you back to
base at 00:30 on your day off instead of 23:30 or you have a cancellation which leaves you stuck out of
base for the night and deadheaded back the next day. Under similar circumstances, Lineholders receive
150% if their trip extends past 02:00 on their day off.
What are some other reasons I might receive extra credit(s) or premium pay?
ER Reserves who are not used receive 1 credit above guarantee. This is not paid at 150%; it is just paid
above guarantee.
Reserves who are assigned more than 85 credits by Crew Scheduling receive 150% pay for all such credit
hours over 85. This does not include trips picked up on days off.
APSB Reserves given an assignment that requires them to be on duty at or before 04:29 will receive
150% pay for all hours credited or spent on APSB. The usual 100% will go toward guarantee, and the
extra 50% will be paid above guarantee.
A Reserve who has been assigned APSB four (4) times in one month by Crew Scheduling, and is then
assigned APSB for a fifth time, will receive 150% pay for all hours credited or spent on APSB in that duty
period and any subsequent APSB assignments that month. The extra 50% will be paid above guarantee.
If a reserve is given a trip or APSB shift that does not follow the order of assignment (excluding
assignments made to avoid drafting, APSB limits, or conflicts with a scheduled trip the next month), they
will receive 150% pay for all hours flown or hours spent on APSB. The extra 50% will be paid above
Lineholders receive 0.5 credits for boarding a flight. This is not premium pay. It is simply paid in addition
to the trip guarantee.
For all unscheduled ground time over 30 minutes, with passengers onboard, you’ll receive a pro-rated
$15.00/hour. This does not include block time prior to takeoff when the L1 door is closed on the Q400 or
after brake release on the E175. Holding pay is a separate line item and will appear on the paycheck that
comes on the 20th of the month. It is paid in addition to the value of the trip or the trip guarantee, even
if the trip is duty or TAFB-driven.
How do I make sure my trip is marked for Premium Pay?
The best way to make sure your trip was correctly marked as premium and credited accurately is to
check your Crew Statement. To access your crew statement, go to OYH, select the Inflight tab and click
on Crew Pay.
Log in with your SSO, and then select Crew Statement.
In the Trips Completed (red) section at the bottom, you’ll see the dates that the trip operated, and it
should be marked as PP under Type, along with the Trip Credit in hours & minutes and Pay Credits in
Crew Scheduling may sometimes add a memo or special indicator on eCrew to show your trip is PP, but
not always. When the operation is especially busy, they may not have time to do so. Your Crew
Statement can take a few days to update. Checking it directly after your trip finishes may not show the
most accurate credit value.
Who do I reach out to if something is incorrect?
If you notice a discrepancy on your crew statement, please use the Pay Questions? option of the menu
in FDDS, above the link for your Crew Statement. Crew Pay will respond directly to your company email.
If the error is $100 or more, Crew Pay must fix it within 3 business days. If you have further concerns
after Crew Pay has responded, please reach out to one of your local union reps.
If you have any specific questions about holding pay, please reach out to Rian Silva, Inflight Systems
Specialist at

In Solidarity,
Your Horizon AFA Leadership Team