Reserve Self Assign Bug Fix


Hello QX Flight Attendants,

Yesterday, Friday August 27, 2021, AFA was made aware of an
Aims/eCrew software “bug”. This bug was specifically
pinpointed to the daily self-assign timeline of 10-2pm. It
allowed reserves to drop their availability below set thresholds.
Management took immediate action, and we had a fix by 3 pm.
If you received a denial when attempting to drop a trip and/or a
reserve day outside of the self-assign window (1000 – 1400) the
denial was correct. Currently, the operation is facing many
challenges in addition to the bug we encountered yesterday.
Examples include, Alaska schedule changes beginning on Sept.
8th, our leaves began on the 1st, transition, Labor Day Holiday,
kids returning to in person classes, maintenance, and increased
COVID cases and exposures.
You may have received the text stating that all trips in open
time that start today though trips string on the 5th are marked
PREMIUM PAY. Please take advantage and enjoy the extra
money if you are able. If you see a trip that is within this
timeframe that is not marked for premium pay, please just
reach out to Crew scheduling and they will be able to fix that
trip for you. However, doing so is not mandatory. Crew
Scheduling may also be drafting during this period.
And remember to always be safe. If you are rescheduled,
drafted, or extended, you can use the fatigue language in our
contract to protect yourself when appropriate to do so.
Finally, please complete an issue report on the AFA Horizon
website if you were denied any drops of trips (including splits)
or reserve days during self-assign (between 1000 and 1400)
from July 31st through 3 pm yesterday. Add link to where you
report here