ASAP Committee - What Is It?

The Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is a voluntary safety self-reporting program for individual employees. The goal of the Flight Attendant ASAP is to identify specific safety-related problems, which may lead to accidents and injuries, and then try to correct those problems. That being said, ASAP is not a tool for Company discipline. Since the program started there has been no discipline to any F/A as a result of an ASAP report.

Why Should I Report?

Your ASAP report will bring attention to your safety concerns and resolve them before you or your coworkers become injured. These reports can be about anything you see that may harm you, your passengers, your fellow FA's, or the operation (e.g - carts, ovens, other equipment, boarding/deplaning, inside or outside the A/C...). Please keep in mind that ASAP reporting is voluntary, which is the opposite of the Incident Report (IR). IR's, and all items reported therein, are mandatory. When ASAP's are turned in all FA's can benefit from the safety improvements that come from them.

The goal of the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is to enhance aviation safety through the prevention of accidents and incidents. ASAP's focus is to encourage voluntary reporting of safety issues and events that come to the attention of employees of certain certificate holders. ASAP is based on a safety partnership that includes AFA, Horizon Air, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Safety issue? Use the Report It! app on your IMD or the online reporting tool using your SSO (Simplified Sign On).     


Report It!

ASHS Committee - What is it?

The Air Safety Health & Security Committee (ASHSC) works with the company on matters related to the cabin, flight attendant safety, and health.


Attends training sessions and meetings pertaining to flight attendant safety. Also, makes sure the company's policies and procedures are aligned with safety. Attends management meetings and debriefings regarding flight attendant safety.


Oversees all matters regarding flight attendant health. Study's local health problems and prepares recommendations.


Oversees all matters regarding flight attendant security. 

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