SAP – Restricted Access

Horizon Air MEC has been in contact with management regarding the restricted access to SAP this evening. We are posting the language from the Settlement below. Management will keep us apprised of any updates and we will forward to you as we receive them. We expect that Kieran and Dee Dee will also keep you updated via email. His first email is also copy din below. Your MEC will follow up on the Settlement once SAP is fully functional.

Settlement Language
“If a similar SAP outage occurs (more than 10 flight attendants restricted within, or denied access to the system, or if it gets taken offline due to programing or server issues within AAG/AIMS control) occurs again, all flight attendants awarded a full or part-time regular line will receive an additional twelve credits.”

From Kieran: I just wanted to write a note to you about our SAP that opened tonight. While trades are currently being processed within the system we were notified of a problem within the system. We found out that shortly after trading opened and notification from AFA leadership that trips on your line were not populating the trip details when you clicked on them. As a result, you needed to now view your pairings in the bid packets for the full details. I understand that is very frustrating needing to look in two different locations in order to complete a trade, for that I do apologize.
We have been working hard since we discovered the defect to fix it. We most likely won’t be able to find the root cause tonight as it looks like there may be multiple possibilities that are causing this. However, this issue is going to be top of our list to identify the root cause and determine a path for remedy.
I will update you as soon as I can with more details.

/ kieran