Scheduling Committee Update

Scheduling Committee Update

May 7, 2020 by the Acting crew planning liaison

June Bid 334 – Scheduling Notes

Hopefully, this finds you all as well as can be in these unprecedented times.

AFA is again co-pairing with the Pilot’s union (IBT) for June. The solutions for June focused on trying to get a better mix of trip length distribution while still trying to mitigate controllable cost overall. The company had the E175 restrictions on 3- and 4-day trips go up to 30% and did not put a cap on the Q400 trips for June. Since we are co-pairing, we are having to follow the pilots staffing per the bases that they are in. You will see this reflected in the amount of trips in the bases. For example, the pilots have only 11% of the flying in PDX on the E175 so you will see a reduction in flying in PDX for June on the E175. Both the E175 and the Q400 solutions for this month were built by IBT as the AFA solutions were deemed too costly to consider. As you may have heard PAE airport was wanting to shut down all operations for the foreseeable future but was overturned by the FAA. This means that there will still be flying in June in PAE but only a PAE-PHX turn. These turns have been built into trips mostly out of SEA so there will be no scheduled trips that start and end in PAE.

E175: Flying will only be out of PDX and SEA. PDX will have less flying due to the pilots having a reduced staffing level there.

Q400: flying will be in all bases. The flying will reflect where the pilots have their staffing so the amount of flying will look a little different as well.

Parameters for the Pairing Solution

Again, due to pilot staffing issues in PDX there was a cap on the amount of credits at 11% for the month resulting in only 67 trips as opposed to 149 in May.

The only parameters in the pairing solution for the E175 are: There was not a 4-leg minimum this time, but it only created 5 trips that have more than 4 and the fifth leg is a DH.  There is a 10-hour minimum rest in this month. Additionally, June has 4:59 max sits set to anywhere we fly, so you will see longer sit times. The parameter that rest cannot be shorter than the duty days either before or after said rest is not on for June so you will see that there are some trips where your rest is shorter than duty days. There is a tad more than 1000 credits on the E175 in June up from May.

The parameters in the pairing solution for the Q400 are:  There is the parameter that the rest cannot be shorter than the duty days either before or after said rest. There can be a maximum of 5 working legs per duty day with a possible 6 as a DH. 10:00-hour minimum rest. The month of June has 4:59 max sits overall. There are 766 more credits on the Q400 in June from May, but the staffing is distributed differently for instance BOI has 9% less credit and PDX has 53% more than last month.

June:  There are a total of 522 trips on the E175 and 260 on the Q400, 782 between all bases. 

Break down by base E175: 

  • PDX has 67 total trips
  • SEA has 455 total trips

Total of trips/day: 


Credit per base: 


Credit Time/Duty: 

PDX:    5:03 

SEA:    4:46 

Break down by base Q400: 

  • BOI has 26 total trips
  • GEG has 41 total trips
  • MFR has 26 total trips
  • PDX has 130 total trips
  • SEA has 37 total trips

Total of trips/day: 


Credit per base: 


Credit Time/Duty: 

BOI:     5:34 

GEG:   4:50 

MFR:   4:56 

PDX:    4:38 

SEA:    5:00 

We will continue to advocate for improvements for our members each month during pairing development process. Our schedule makes a huge difference in determining our work-life balance as well as our overall pay. Again, if you have any comments or suggestions, please advise your base scheduling reps. We are in need of a new scheduling rep volunteer for the GEG base. If you are interested, please submit a letter of interest to Joelle Jaeger at

In solidarity,

Peter Oxentenko 
Acting MEC Crew Scheduling Liaison
Council 17 Scheduling Chair (PDX/MFR)

Jolene Vallelunga-Heller and Sherry Busch
Council 17 Scheduling Reps (PDX)

Jana Gray
Council 17 Scheduling Rep (MFR)

Kenneth Cantu and Nicole Lajuett
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (SEA)

Heather Coleman
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (PAE)

Miria Davis
Council 16 Scheduling Rep (BOI)