Scheduling – July Pairings

July Bid 323 – Scheduling Notes 

July will be our fourth full month of mixed-pairing flying.  With it, there were a total of 1,562 trips between all bases.  Of those, 304 are all Q400 flying and 327 are all E175 flying.  That’s 59.6% of the trips are mixed, 20.9% trips are pure E175, and 19.5% are pure Q400 trips. 

Break down by base: 

  • BOI has 166 total trips 0 E175 trips 87 Q400 trips and 79 mixed 
  • GEG has 277 total trips 32 E175 trips 90 Q400 trips and 155 mixed 
  • MFR has 89 total trips 0 E175 trips 37 Q400 trips and 52 mixed 
  • PDX has 502 total trips 96 E175 trips 51 Q400 trips and 355 mixed 
  • SEA has 314 total trips 14 E175 trips 39 Q400 trips and 261 mixed (this doesn’t include PAE flying) 
  • *PAE has 214 total trips 185 E175 trips 0 Q400 trips and 29 mixed 

For the July bid month, the consensus was to limit PAE flying at 3,000 credit hours.  This flying will still be bid on by flight attendants in Co-Domicile SEA..  If you are needing help with bidding or trying to avoid PAE pairings in PBS, please contact the PBS Scheduling Committee members, Deb Harding-Elliott or Lexie Massey, at  

*We still don’t have an accurate number of FAs who want their trips to start and end at Co-Domicile PAE, so your LEC16 Council will be putting a survey out to SEA based FAs.  Our ask is that we get full participation in the survey as it will greatly help keep our staffing requests accurate as well as enable us to do more within our pairing building process.

Parameters for the pairing solution: 

We have built the trips so that however long your duty hours are for the day your rest will have to match your duty or exceed it  and vice versa however long your rest is the previous night is how long your scheduled duty is the next day (so, if you work 12 hours during the day you will get at least 12 hours of scheduled rest that night and would not be scheduled for more  than 12 hours the next day).  There are only four scheduled flight legs/day, which includes any DHs (of course there can be less flight legs).

MFR, we were able to force away the late-night SEA-MFR (landing after midnight) and give it to another domicile; this should help in your bidding.  Unfortunately, we were held to tighter restrictions with the July pairings.  This means you will see 46% of the trips with 3+ hour sit times/connections. 

Because of management’s belief that reducing our sit times in PDX and SEA is going to create operational issues, management included the 70-minute sits in both bases for the July bid.

Percentage of trips/day: 

Base 1-Day 2-Day 3-Day 4-Day 5-Day
BOI 19.3 54.8 21.7 3.6 .6
GEG 40.1 41.9 15.9 1.8 .3
MFR 19.1 61.8 15.7 3.4 N/A
PDX 18.7 24.5 25.7 31.1 N/A
SEA 3.8 12.7 47.8 35.7 N/A
PAE 78.5 11.7 5.6 4.2 N/A

Credit per base: 

BOI 3067:00 8.8%
GEG 4350:58 12.5%
MFR 1687:46 4.9%
PDX 13347:04 38.5%
SEA 9248:54 26.7%
PAE 2997.28 8.6%
SEA (total) 12246.22 35.3%

Credit Time/Duty: 

BOI:     4:41 

GEG:   4:55 

MFR:   4:39 

PDX:    4:57 

SEA:    4:52 

PAE:    5:11 

I am continuing to advocate and push for improvements for us each month during pairing development. Our schedule makes a huge difference in determining our work-life balance as well as our overall pay. We are still in need of eyes and ears out on the line that will be an integral part of our Scheduling Committee.  If you are interested in being a base scheduling committee representative, please contact Kirk Hansen LECP17 (PDX and MFR) at or Heather Coleman LECP16 (SEA, BOI and GEG) at 

To our continued success, 

Horizon Air AFA Scheduling Committee

Callie von Borstel, Peter Oxentenko