Solidarity Event

Solidarity Event

Hello fellow flight attendants and AFA-CWA members. While SAP is still open, your Negotiation Committee would like to give all of our fellow members an opportunity to attend an in-person negotiations solidarity event in SEA and PDX on November 6th from 1000 to 1500. Your red AFA pins are available and we’ve seen such a great show of support from members wearing those. This event will be another opportunity to step up our presence and show management we’re serious about seeing improvements in our next contract. If you would like to come, use SAP to get the day off.  You can come for all or some of the event. Stop by on a break and be with us!

This is not a picketing event; nonetheless, you may NOT use your non-revenue travel benefits to get to this. More information will follow as it gets closer. We are looking forward to seeing you on the 6th!

In Solidarity,

Your MEC Negotiation Committee.

Ed Hawes, Tanya Phillips, Lisa Davis-Warren, Kimberley Chaput, Joelle Jaeger