Thank You.

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Hey All,

We would like to thank you for your participation in Safety Days last Thursday and Friday. Lori and Bryan visited the PDX/SEA ramps and crew rooms to discuss your safety concerns. We appreciate those of you who took time to share your concerns with us and have forwarded your concerns to the safety committee.

This is turbulence awareness month and we want to remind everyone to stay safe and follow turbulence guidelines. During the preflight briefing you should be advised as to what the ride will be like. If the pilots do not discuss the ride or turbulence, please ask them. When you are requested to take your seat, remember the pilots are doing this to keep you safe. Don’t forget to buckle up as soon as you return to your seat.

Feel free to reach out to your Safety Committee if you have questions or concerns about any safety and turbulence events you may be experiencing out on the line.

Your ASHS Committee

Bryan, Lori, Jen, Pam