Thank You!

Good morning:

We wanted to share the background on a few changes that will be coming out today to our PAs. Those of you who have recently traveled on Alaska may have already noticed changes to their inflight announcements.

We want to thank our brothers and sisters over at Alaska AFA for sitting down with their management team and changing most of these announcements to better suit our needs. Some of the changes include missing exit PAs for the regional fleet, and some references we felt took away from our role as first responders, e.g. “we promise the rest of the flight is just cheese platters and free movies from here on out”.

We do have one remaining concern about the suggested use of first and last names of our pilots. We have shared this change with the Pilot’s union, IBT.

Please reach out if you have any questions or safety concerns when you see the FAIF, and any time you feel you have noticed any safety issue that you would like us to review.

Your Horizon AFA Air Safety, Health and Security Committee (ASHS),

Bryan, Lori, Jennifer and Pam