Scheduling Communication – Timelines for JUNE bid month

Fellow Horizon Flight Attendants,

As you know, our industry is continuing to be severely affected by COVID-19.  Due to later than normal schedule planning the MEC has agreed to extend the temporary bidding timeline again in May, for the JUN20 bid month.  Bidding Opening will be delayed until May 8.  The temporary bid timeline is the same as last month’s, except that bidding for Part Time will close on it’s normal day (4/30 @1200).

Please refer to the chart below for the new bidding timelines in yellow.  The normal timelines have also been included for your reference.  A few things to note:

  • Bidding will be open one day less than normal
  • Protest period will be open for at least 24 hours
  • SAP will be open for nine (9) hours less than normal
  • Final Bids will be published three (3) days later than normal
  • Open Time Trip Trading will open one day later than normal

In Solidarity,

Your AFA MEC, Acting Crew Planning Liaison and Joint PBS Committee Members

Lisa Davis-Warren, Kirk Hansen, Joelle Jaeger, Aimee Baird, Todd Anderson, Peter Oxentenko, Lexie Massey and Claire Michaels