Uniforms – Update

Fellow Flight Attendants,

We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the concerns we have been hearing about and working to address regarding our uniforms. We have been in discussions about these items over the last few months with management. Below are a few of the major hot topic points that have been highlighted by the flight attendant group as areas of concern:

1. Lack of compensation for time spent at the uniform fittings.

2. Inability to order individual uniform pieces vs pre-built kits.

3. Clarity on ordering additional uniform items and when flight attendants can expect to receive them.

4. Shoe options on display at fit tours are not clearly explained.

5. Increased cost of new uniform pieces necessitates an adjustment to our existing uniform banks.

6. Questions as to why flight attendants are unable to use existing uniform bank balance to purchase new uniform items.

These issues have all been brought to the company’s attention in meetings that began in October of last year with management. We also presented a Memorandum of Understanding over a month ago which addressed the increased cost of the uniform pieces and our existing uniform bank.  We are continuing to work on your behalf for answers and clarification and hope to have final answers to you next week.

In Solidarity,

Shawna Cox

MEC Uniform Chair