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Here you can learn more about how the Jumpseat committee contributes to the success of the Flight Attendants at Horizon Air.



In 2006, the AFA Board of Directors unanimously adopted a resolution to launch a strategic campaign focused on achieving reciprocal cabin seat agreements throughout the industry. While there were a few agreements that existed prior to this action by the AFA BOD, it was the focus, resources and coordination of AFA leaders and members that pushed these agreements forward and succeeded in providing massive relief to commuting Flight Attendants throughout the industry. These benefits were achieved by Flight Attendants working together. In addition to building power at the negotiating table, this is one example of the tangible results we achieve by promoting AFA’s first objective to unite all Flight Attendants.

We will do our best to keep these links current and agreements up to date. However, if you see something that needs updating, links, airlines, listing instructions, etc…, please let us know at support@afahorizon.org. Thank you and happy travels!

Jumpseat Agreements and Guidelines


AirlineAgreementListing InstructionsHow to List
Air transat TSTSSpeak to AgentGate/Ticket Counter
Air Wisconsin ZWZWN/AN/A
Alaska Airlines ASAS JSSpeak to AgentGate/Ticket Counter
AllegiantAir G4G4G4 InstrustionsmyIDTravel
American / American Eagle AAAAAA InstructionsmyIDTravel
Delta / Delta Connection DLDLDL InstructionsmyIDTravel
Frontier F9F9F9 InstructionsID90
Great Lakes ZKZKSpeak to AgentGate/Ticket Counter
Hawaiian HAHASpeak to AgentGate/Ticket Counter
JetBlue B6B6B6 InstructionsmyIDTravel
Mesa YVYVSee AA AgreementSee AA Agreement
Omni Air OYOYSpeak to AgentGate/Ticket Counter
Ravn Alaska 7H7H7H InstructionsID90
Republic Airways YXSee AA/DL AgreementsSee AA/DL Agreements
Seabourne BBBBSpeak to AgentGate/Ticket Counter
Skywest OOOOSee AA/DL AgreementsSee AA/DL Agreements
Southwest WNWNWN InstructionsmyIDTravel
Spirit NKNKNK InstructionsSpirit.com
United (Mainline ONLY) UAUA (Mainline ONLY)UA Instrustions (Mainline ONLY)ID90