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Lisa Davis-Warren

MEC President - Negotiations Chair

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Joelle Jaeger

LEC 16 - Negotiator & Membership Engagement Lead

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Tanya Phillips

LEC 17 - Negotiator & Communications Lead

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Welcome to the Horizon Air AFA Electronic Grievance and Issue Reporting Forms. This is where you report any Issue or Grievance to AFA

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Current Horizon Air AFA Issues

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Advisory Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During Covid 19 Response

Click below to read the document from the Department of Homeland Security.

Scheduling Communication – Timelines for JUNE bid month

he MEC has agreed to a new temporary bidding timeline, applicable to bidding for the JUN20 bid month only.  Bidding Opening will be delayed until May 8.  Please refer to the chart below for the new bidding timelines in yellow.

News From Around YOUR Union

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FAB meeting notes 6/3/2020

FAB teams meeting notes 6/3/2020 In attendance:Heather Coleman, AFA MEC FAB Chair, Joelle Jaeger, LECP Council 16Mandy Mundy, QX Onboard Products and Service Specialist  Jesse Sexton, QX Manager, Inflight Policy and Standards  June 16th galley changes coming, addition of mini cans of Coke, Diet Coke and Red Wine splits.  First Class Cart set up, Supply Drawer, Drawer with…

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AFA Safety Committee Update

AFA Safety Committee Update Safety CommitteeMay 29, 2020 – MEC Air Safety Health and Security Committee Horizon Air AFA’s Safety Committee would like to share some very educational information about toxic fumes onboard the aircraft. Everyone knows that the cabin can smell. Most of the time, the smells are unpleasant but should not make you…

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FADAP E Message May 2020

View as Webpage        NEW FADAP Infomercial. Have you wondered what happens during treatment for a substance use problem? Have you avoided treatment because you’re concerned about someone finding out? If you, a flying partner, or a family member are considering treatment, this short informational might just answer some of your questions.    Just click on the…

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Scheduling Committee Update

Scheduling Committee Update May 7, 2020 by the Acting crew planning liaison June Bid 334 – Scheduling Notes Hopefully, this finds you all as well as can be in these unprecedented times. AFA is again co-pairing with the Pilot’s union (IBT) for June. The solutions for June focused on trying to get a better mix…

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May Food & Beverage Meeting Notes

May Packing Feedback, going ok, not a lot of reports. Please report if missing items. Reporting will help us develop what we can get and do in the future. Along with tracking trends, missing items.  Coffee use on Q400, request for 2 pots, rather than Mapco, order in SEA/PDX. Possible on starflights, I did not…

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AFA Update Regarding Pilot Paid Company Leave

View in a web browser AFA Update MAY 2, 2020 BY LISA DAVIS-WARREN – MASTER EXECUTIVE COUNCIL PRESIDENT We wanted to write to you this evening with the hope it is in advance of your hearing about the upcoming leave option available to the pilots for the month of June. We were just advised the Company…

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AFA Benefits Committee Update

AFA Benefits Committee Update Legal disclaimer Because of the complex interaction between the administration of the various state unemployment insurance (UI) programs; the components of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act; and the Company’s response to claims, AFA Horizon leadership can neither provide definitive advice for filing UI claims nor assurance of receiving a…

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Scheduling Communication – Timelines for JUNE bid month

Fellow Horizon Flight Attendants, As you know, our industry is continuing to be severely affected by COVID-19.  Due to later than normal schedule planning the MEC has agreed to extend the temporary bidding timeline again in May, for the JUN20 bid month.  Bidding Opening will be delayed until May 8.  The temporary bid timeline is…

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What can you do to help YOUR union?

* WEAR your AFA pin EVERY trip!
* Get involved – VOLUNTEER!
* SUPPORT your AFA Negotiators, Officers, and Committees! They are your peers working hard for you!
* One of the most important things you can do is to STAY INFORMED by reading your contract, asking questions, going to meetings, and reading communications via this website, AFA emails, and our official Facebook page – HZN AFA.

Safety Corner

Layover Safety

Being safe while off-duty

We often consider activity onboard the aircraft when reviewing safety and security procedures, but personal safety at layover locations should also be at the forefront of safety in our work environment.  Please review the following hotel safety guidelines…

Issues Surrounding AFA

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Aircraft Air Quality

Bridge the Gap

#MeToo in the Air

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