UPDATE: The Fight Is Still On

We have learned through multiple conversations with industry, regulators, and other sources all over Washington, Delta Air Lines has been pushing the the Department of Transportation and the FAA to slow down implementation. Now all airlines are saying they will wait for instruction from FAA before complying with the law.

Today, we launched a petition on to call on DOT and FAA to immediately implement the law, and to encourage members of Congress to hold them accountable. We will ramp up additional actions in the coming weeks and months to hold airlines and regulators responsible for complying with the law.  SIGN THE PETITION >

Election Notice – Horizon Air Council 17 PDX/MFR

In the next few days you will be receiving your nomination packet in the mail. Be on the lookout for this envelope! This envelope contains the instructions for nominating members of your Local to run in the Council elections. It also contains your personal 16-digit activation code which allows you to enter the ballot.

The nomination process is the first step in electing officers for your Local. Each active member in good standing is entitled to nominate 1 person for each LEC position, President, Vice President, and Secretary. For step by step instructions for nominating a member please visit:

News and Events From Around The Union

HNL Picketing

SAVE THE DATE: AFA Hawaiian Picketing in Honolulu (HNL) on August 28 from 11am – 12pm.


Bridge the Gap Nationwide – Air Wisconsin Picketing

Bridge the Gap Nationwide Picketing – Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2019 This Wednesday, we’ll be out on the picket line across the country fighting to Bridge the Gap for Flight Attendants at regional airlines. We’re targeting DCA, ORD, and LAX to push negotiations forward at United Express carriers Air Wisconsin, GoJet, and Delta Connection/American Eagle carrier Compass!  Flight Attendants […]


Negotiations Informational Events

** Locations & times updates ** Hello Fellow Flight Attendants, HZN AFA Negotiation’s Team and ACT Chairs would like to invite all AFA members to a negotiation informational event. This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions in a social environment, away from the airport, regarding our future contract. You’ll have an opportunity […]


Stop Toxic Fumes!

TAKE ACTION: Stop Toxic Fumes! August 13, 2019 The Cabin Air Safety Act of 2019 aims to protect airline passengers and crew from the harmful effects of toxic cabin air. “Our workspace is the public’s travel space and in that space today, crews and passengers are breathing toxins and it has to stop,” said AFA International […]


Scheduling Notes – September

September Bid 325 – Scheduling Notes  This month management had a lot of their own parameters they added due to overall staffing. The company put extra credits into PDX and SEA and took some out of MFR, GEG, and BOI.  We continue to hear they have staffing issues and this bid was no different. Management also had […]


PAE Scheduling Survey

Hello SEA, BOI & GEG Flight Attendants- Your LEC 16 AFA leadership team has created a survey for informational purposes only, with the intent to gather feedback from you about scheduling. We have also included questions regarding PAE as a co-domicile. (We are aware our BOI, GEG & remaining ANC FA’s are not directly impacted by PAE […]



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