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Welcome to the Horizon Air AFA Electronic Reporting Forms. File a Grievance, report any issues, report personal information changes, and report AIMS/eCrew issues.

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For Information or Confidential Assistance We Can Help.

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Our Contract

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Reporting and Reserve

New FAA Policies


Stricter Unruly Passenger Policy


Service Animals Only Policy

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Our Contract

Click below to view the pdf version of our contract. For more information please go to the Negotiation page.

Issue Reporting

Here you can file a Grievance, report any issues, report personal information changes, and report AIMS/eCrew issues.


Learn more about how each committee contributes to the success of the Flight Attendants at Horizon Air.

Union Veterans Council (UVC)

In support of Veterans Day, AFA-CWA is joining efforts with other unions to build a veterans community inside the Labor Movement. We are asking all members who are veterans or who live with a veteran to become a member of the Union Veterans Council (UVC)

Below are some of the valuable services provided by UVC:

·         Tools and a platform to elevate union veterans to speak on issues that matter to working people and the veterans’ community

·         Messaging guides, talking points, and fact sheets for veterans and veteran families on critical issues important to veterans and the labor movement

·         The unique ability to add an authentic and powerful perspective of working-class veterans on pivotal issues affecting veterans and workers.

Please see the attachment to learn more about the UVC and please join us today! 

Finally and most importantly, AFA-CWA would like to thank every Veteran for their service and sacrifice serving our nation.

In Solidarity,

What Can You Do to help your union?

* WEAR your AFA pin EVERY trip
* Get involved – VOLUNTEER!
* SUPPORT your AFA Negotiators, Officers, and Committees! They are your peers working hard for you!
* One of the most important things you can do is to STAY INFORMED by reading your contract, asking questions, going to meetings, and reading communications via this website, AFA emails, and our official Facebook page – HZN AFA

Layover Safety

Being safe while off-duty

Ready to Travel?

Visit our Jumpseat page for a list of airlines, their jumpseat agreement, and listing Instructions.