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Ed Hawes
Ed Hawes
MEC President - Negotiations Chair
About Ed Hawes

My involvement as a union activist and volunteer for the past 15 years has been to ensure that management understands the importance of our position as a Flight Attendant and that we are critical to the overall success of our Company.  I am honored that you have supported my efforts on your behalf in previous negotiations as well as grievance representation. As your Master Executive Council President, I again join my fellow negotiation team members in being your voice at the bargaining table.  I will do my utmost to ensure that we build on the foundation of what we have already achieved in previous contracts and forge new language to address the many important issues that face us in our work rules and compensation. I have learned that skill, tactic and perseverance are need as a negotiator and the team that has been assembled to represent you at the table bring these and other strengths with them. A unite work group is a powerful entity and with you behind us we will obtain an industry leading collective barging agreement in the regional airline business.


Joelle Fuhrman
Joelle Fuhrman
LEC 16 - Negotiator & Membership Engagement Lead
About Joelle Fuhrman

My journey with Horizon Air began in 2007 as a SEA based flight attendant. In 2010, I was drawn to the training department as an inflight trainer working with new hire flight attendants. After five years, I left the training department to devote time to furthering my education. I also worked from the GEG base for five years and since August 2017, I have returned to SEA and enjoy working on both the E175 and Q400.

I’m especially excited for the opportunity to represent our flight attendants and have had a strong desire to be a part of the negotiation process for many years. The process that will ultimately improve our quality of life. Our hard-working flight attendants have valuable qualities and offer service that only Horizon Air flight attendants are known for. We’ve embraced the required duties of representing the Alaska brand and do an amazing job at it.

I look forward to participating with the Membership Engagement Team during negotiations. This team will encourage and educate fellow flight attendants of the value and professionalism that we bring to our job and the company every day. Every task that is added to our plate, we do an amazing job of completing it with a commitment to safety first. For a successful outcome with negotiations, our work group will need to show management improvements in the contract are essential and long overdue. Each flight attendant is a voice and in order to make positive changes to our work/life balance, that voice needs to be heard. The membership engagement chairs will offer support, important information and guidance to you, our flight attendants, in how you can participate in creating a successful negotiation outcome.


Tanya Phillips
Tanya Phillips
LEC 17 - Negotiator & Communications Lead
About Tanya Phillips

Tanya has been with Horizon since 2014.  Her dream has always been to become a flight attendant and she absolutely loves every aspect of the position.  Her other passion is her family.  She has been married to Daniel for 39 years and they have three children, Justin, Chandra, and Vanessa.  Tanya and Daniel have 21 grandchildren whom they love doing crafts and swimming together. Tanya’s favorite place is the beach and she enjoys sitting in the sun reading, scrap-booking and taking photos. Tanya is looking forward to negotiating for our newest contract.


ACT Team

Sirkka Haagen
Sirkka Haagen
ACT Team Chair - PDX

Sirkka Haagen- PDX based FA

Sirkka Haagen has been a flight attendant at Horizon Air for 11 years in the Portland base. She is also a Registered Oral health Educator for 21+ years. Mother of three and nana of four. She loves family, people, travel, music and helping others see their value. A perfect day is when these all line up.

She grew up in the Northwest with hard-working middle-class parents. Her mom in management and dad a steelworker and union representative. She understands diverse viewpoints, polar discussions and mindful compromise. She values people and believes we are always better together. Sirkka is a strong proponent for equality and passionate in all she endeavors.

If you don’t like something, change it

Maya Angelou 

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new!



Jennifer Levcun
Jennifer Levcun
ACT Team Chair - SEA

Jennifer Levcun- SEA based FA

I have been with AAG since 1997 and started flying with Horizon Air in 1998. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, hiking, boating, fishing, reading and gardening. I also enjoy my advocacy work with the Behavioral Court system in Kitsap County and NAMI. As well as facilitating classes and support groups and advocating for a better mental health system.

I have been volunteering with the union for approximately five years as MEC Fatigue Review Chair. I am very excited to be of service to our flight attendant group as part of ACT for negotiations. I still enjoy my profession and my hope is to make Horizon a positive work environment for all.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


Negotiations Chair – SEA
Ed Hawes

LEC 16 – Negotiator & Membership Engagement Lead – SEA
Joelle Jaeger

LEC 17 – Negotiator & Communications Lead – PDX
Tanya Phillips

What does the Negotiations Committee do?

The Negotiations Committee directly fights for the rights of all Horizon Flight Attendants by negotiating our contract (CBA), also, enhancements to our contract.

What takes place during negotiations?

Follow the link below to become more educated in the negotiation process:

What happens during negotiations?

The Negotiating Committee is made up of Horizon Flight Attendants.