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Peers helping peers to obtain the best wages, benefits, and work rules.

What does the Negotiations Committee do?

The Negotiations Committee directly fights for the rights of all Horizon Flight Attendants by negotiating our contract (CBA), also, enhancements to our contract.

Keeping the focus on what Flight Attendants want is the key to successful negotiations. The Flight Attendant Negotiating Committee works hand-in-hand with professional negotiators every step of the way. The professional negotiators provide strategic advice and contract language expertise and the committee provides the hands-on experience to make sure the contract meets the needs of the Flight Attendants. Together, they negotiate the best wages, benefits and work rules – the best possible contract tailored to the unique needs of Flight Attendants at each AFA represented airline.

The TA Was Ratified April 30, 2020

Polls closed April 30 @ 12 PM Pacific Daylight Time for voting on the Tentative Agreement reached by the Negotiating Committee.  The results of the vote are as follows:

Voting FOR the agreement28277%
Voting AGAINST the agreement8423%
Total Votes366
Participation Rate of Eligible Voters63.28%

As indicated above, the TA has passed.

What’s Next?

There is still a lot of work to be done. Several provisions of the Tentative Agreement (TA), including per diem and the reserve two-hour call-out, take effect immediately.  We will form an Implementation Committee (IC). The IC will work with management to ensure that everything in the new contract is implemented correctly and on time. We all want a smooth transition, and we’ll be doing everything in our power to make that happen. (Implementation Schedule)

Additional communication regarding implementation, including educational pieces, will be coming out over the next several days. And finally, we will be working on getting the contact ready for printing and formatted for the IMD. This will help give you the tools to enforce your contract.

We hope that we can go forward in unity and work together as a collective force. No matter what, we are stronger together and better together.

In Solidarity,

Your MEC – Lisa Davis-Warren, Todd Anderson, Aimee Baird, Kirk Hansen, Joelle Jeager; and

Your NC – MEC President Lisa Davis-Warren, Tanya Phillips, Joelle Jaeger, and AFA Senior Staff Negotiator Kimberley Chaput

Negotiations Updates and Information

 Next Generation Labor Rights
Next Generation Labor Rights

In 2018, more workers walked off the job in the United States than in any year since 1986. That trend hasn’t slowed this year — and as we enter the coming decade it is our growing willingness to stand up and fight that will change our economy, our democracy, and our future.

 Flight attendants' leader says employees at breaking point
Flight attendants’ leader says employees at breaking point

Sara Nelson, the president of the Association of Flight Attendants, says too many employees — especially at the smaller regional airlines — struggle to get by. She says there could be wildcat strikes despite a federal law that makes it nearly impossible for airline unions to conduct legal walkouts.

 AFA President Sara Nelson For Horizon Air
AFA President Sara Nelson For Horizon Air

Watch International President Sara Nelson explain why management will soon be seeing red! Video is specifically made by AFA International for QX AFA! We’ll be handing out AFA pins in the crew rooms, if we don’t see you at a crew sit you will receive one in your mail file.

Latest Negotiations News

Negotiation Update!

Negotiation Update!The TA packets are here! We expect to have balloting and poll open/close dates soon so please stay tuned here for more details, or our official Horizon Air AFA Facebook page – HZN AFA. To make sure you receive your ballot please make sure we have your latest address by filling out the Information Update form with your…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – March 13, 2020

Continuing to Advocate for Flight Attendant Protections Air Safety, Health, & Security Committee (ASHSC) An AFA communication from March 3 (COVID-19 Update) contained a comprehensive list of the requests that AFA had made of management at the time.  AFA Horizon officers and representatives have been in constant communication with management since that time to continue…

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Medical resources for Flight Attendants with concerns about Corvid-19

Medical resources for Flight Attendants with concerns about Corvid-19 If you are experiencing symptoms of the Corvid-19 or feeling ill on your overnight or at home below are links that are available for Flight Attendants to contact a doctor or nurse. Teladoc: 855-332-4059 24-hour nurse line: 877-224-3525  https://d15k3gb5w4wz61.cloudfront.net/pdfs/aag/travel_assistance.pdf – This web site is the 24-hour…

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Managing your Anxiety Around Coronavirus

Managing your Anxiety Around Coronavirus From your AFA EAP Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new risk, not a familiar one.  Its status as a new health problem with which we are unfamiliar contributes to our heightened anxiety.  Remember, anxiety is a protective measure.  It’s signaling you to scan for risks and find methods to safeguard yourself. …

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Negotiation Committee Update – TA

Negotiation Committee Update – TA March 6, 2020 As you know, we have been very close to a TA for a few weeks now. With the departure of management’s chief negotiator, Michelle Abidoye, we were all motivated to wrap this up.  We are now able to report that we reached a tentative agreement with management!…

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Negotiations Update – March 2020

Update from the Negotiations Committee March 3, 2020 As you may have heard, Michelle Abidoye, management’s chief spokesperson at the bargaining table, has left Horizon. Several of you have asked us what impact her departure will have on negotiations. The short answer is little or none, but we want to explain the path forward. Jeremy…

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Negotiations Update – February 2020

Negotiations Update – February February 8, 2020 On February 7, 2020, the Negotiation Committee had a short meeting with the Company’s committee. Joe Sprague President; Brooke Vatheuer, Senior Vice President, Operations and Planning; and BJ Colby, Managing Director, Finance, joined us at the table. Management gave a presentation on their finances, plan and their need…

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Negotiations Update – January 2020

Negotiations Update – January 2020 Thank you, Ed Hawes! Before we begin, we would like to thank Ed Hawes for his many years of service as a member, and then chair, of the Negotiating Committee. Ed was first appointed to the Committee in 2007 and has worked on every AFA contract since then!  He retired…

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Your Negotiations Committee

 Lisa Davis-Warren

Lisa Davis-Warren

MEC President – MEC Negotiations Chair

Joelle Jaeger

Joelle Jaeger

President, LEC 16 – Negotiator & Membership Engagement Lead Acting MEC Communications Chair
(253) 370-0619 

 Tanya Phillips

Tanya Phillips

Negotiator & Communications Lead – LEC 17 – Secretary LEC 17
(360) 713-2536

Your ACT Team

 Sirkka Haagen

Sirkka Haagen

ACT Team Chair – LEC 17

 Jennifer Levcun

Jennifer Levcun

ACT Team Chair – LEC 16