Welcome to YOUR Scheduling Committee!

Scheduling Contacts

Claire Michaels

MEC Chair/Crew Planning Liaison
(425) 577-9568

Joelle Jaeger

(253) 370-0619

Heather Coleman

(206) 251-6624

Miria Davis


Lexie Massey

PBS Committee
(503) 929-2986

Joshua Haimes

Alternate Joint PBS Committee Member
(425) 508-9879

What does the Scheduling Committee do?

The Scheduling Committee meets each quarter to provide input to management concerning trips and schedules.  Although individual trips are now being produced by the IBT (pilot’s union), it is the responsibility of the Scheduling Committee to establish the bid line.  In determining bid lines, the Scheduling Committee attempts to keep lines consistent especially regarding days off, morning and afternoon trips, 2, 3, or 4 days trips, and many other factors.  However,  they must take into account Trip credit values, scheduling and marketing changes,  aircraft maintenance schedules, and holiday reductions when building lines.

Scheduling News

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