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What does the Scheduling Committee do?

The Scheduling Committee meets each quarter to provide input to management concerning trips and schedules.  Although individual trips are now being produced by the IBT (pilot’s union), it is the responsibility of the Scheduling Committee to establish the bid line.  In determining bid lines, the Scheduling Committee attempts to keep lines consistent especially regarding days off, morning and afternoon trips, 2, 3, or 4 days trips, and many other factors.  However,  they must take into account Trip credit values, scheduling and marketing changes,  aircraft maintenance schedules, and holiday reductions when building lines.

Scheduling News

AFA Scheduling Committee Update

September 27, 2020 Scheduling Committee November Bid 339 – Scheduling Notes  November trips are finished, and we find ourselves flying 42 trips in state of Alaska. All of these will be out of SEA as that is where the pilots that are qualified are based. IBT was able to put in some parameters for this bid. Having…

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Never Forget September 10, 2020 — Dear Flight Attendants, Aviation security is personal to us. No matter the uniform we wear, the routes we fly, or the years we have worn our wings we will always remember the events of September 11th, lift up heroes and do everything in our power to ensure the events…

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September Scheduling Notes – Bid 337

AFA Update September Scheduling Notes – Bid 337 Hello all and good day. Hope everyone is as healthy as can be. The September build is in the books and it looks like we will be flying about 1500 less credits than we did in August. That’s not a whole lot considering we are entering the…

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AFA Scheduling Notes

AFA Scheduling Notes June 27, 2020 by the Master Executive Council August Bid 336 The build for August had a few twists. First off AFA just learned that the PAE satellite base for the pilots will be terminated. What this means for FAs when we go back to mixed pairings is as of yet unclear….

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AFA AIMS/eCrew Update

AFA AIMS/eCrew Update June 27, 2020 AIMS/eCrew Rep AIMS Thank you for your patience and understanding, of yet another eCrew outage. Yesterday, at 1410 a “500 server error” occurred while attempting to login to open time. I am happy to report that as of 10:00, open time was back up and reported to be fixed.  This error is related…

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Scheduling Committee Update

Scheduling Committee Update May 7, 2020 by the Acting crew planning liaison June Bid 334 – Scheduling Notes Hopefully, this finds you all as well as can be in these unprecedented times. AFA is again co-pairing with the Pilot’s union (IBT) for June. The solutions for June focused on trying to get a better mix…

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Scheduling Contacts

Claire Michaels

MEC Chair/Crew Planning Liaison
(425) 577-9568

Jennifer Turnbow

(360) 602-9362

Ken Cantu

(206) 953-8344

Nicole Lajuett

(907) 441-9610

Lexie Massey

PBS Committee
(503) 929-2986

Deb Harding-Elliott

Alternate Joint PBS Committee Member
(951) 675-2183