Inflight Absence Management Specialist Position Elimination

Good Morning Horizon Air Flight Attendants:

As of yesterday, the Inflight Absence Management Specialist position for inflight has been eliminated. Many of you have needed the assistance of David Mitchell who held this position in applying for leaves, managing the leave process, and for returning to work after a leave. Additionally, David worked extensively with those Flight Attendants who were placed on Workers’ Comp. Lastly the Inflight Absence Management Specialist position was responsible for managing the Intermittent Leave usage and ensuring our sick time records were updated and accurate. The position is invaluable to Flight Attendants and we are greatly disappointed that inflight management has determined otherwise. The lack of understanding by management on the level of importance our leaves and Workers’ Comp issues present numerous times a day is inexcusable. AFA does not agree with this decision and will be discussing this at the next management meeting. At this time, we do not know who our resource will be for these needs. We will provide any new information that we receive in upcoming communications. Please email us ( and/or with any concerns and/or needs and we will work to resolve them.

Stronger Together, Better Together!


Horizon Air MEC Leave and Benefits Committee

Lisa Davis Warren (MEC Chair) and Wendy Kaihara (LEC 16 Chair)