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Here you can learn more about how the Master Executive Council contributes to the success of the Flight Attendants at Horizon Air.

Master Executive Council

How is AFA Governed?

Ultimately, AFA is governed by the AFA Constitution and Bylaws as adopted by the AFA Board of Directors.  The MEC has adopted a policy and procedure manual to address matters of business that the AFA Constitution and Bylaws does not. The policy and procedures manual can be amended by majority vote of the voting members of the MEC as needed.

Who and What Is the MEC?

MEC stands for Master Executive Council.

The AFA Master Executive Council (MEC) for Horizon Air is comprised of three Officers, MEC President, MEC Vice President and MEC Secretary Treasurer  who are appointed by the Locally elected officers of the AFA Local Executive Councils (LEC) at Horizon Air.  The MEC officers serve three year terms and can be removed from office by a vote of the Local Executive Presidents.

The MEC’s main role is to be the spokesperson between the LEC’s and management.  In addition the MEC through its various committee’s provides support and guidance to the LEC’s local committees.  It is the LEC committees that drive the work, product and tone of how the MEC Committee Chairs deal with management and help meet the LEC’s needs.

When or if a disagreement arises between the LECs the MEC can provide a deciding vote on the issue.

The MEC also provides a voice for the LECs with the international AFA  through the Master Executive Committee airline meetings that happen quarterly.

Master Executive Council President:
Lisa Davis-Warren

Master Executive Council Vice President:
Jamie Moore

Master Executive Council Secretary-Treasurer
Aimee Baird

MEC Chair Duties and Responsibilities

An MEC Committee Chairperson shall:

a.  Represent the MEC and support an MEC position when dealing with the Company.

b.  Take direction from the Master Executive Council through the MEC Vice President

c.  Coordinate committee activities with the MEC Officers, LEC Presidents, and (if applicable) the AFA-CWA International Office.

d.  Identify needs for additional committee members and communicate to the MEC Vice President and corresponding LEC Presidents. Assist in recruiting and interviewing new Committee Members if requested by the LEC President. Provide selection recommendations to the LEC Presidents.

e.  Schedule, plan, and conduct meetings of the committee as necessary.

f.  Communicate all meeting notices and minutes to the MEC Officers and LEC Presidents.

g.  Attend MEC Committee Chairperson meetings as scheduled.

h.  Attend Local Council Meetings at the request of the LEC Presidents.

i.   Attend MEC Meetings at the request of the MEC Officers or LEC Presidents.

j.   Develop and maintain a program of work for the MEC Committee.

k.  Work with each Local Committee Chairperson to develop goals and a Program of Work for each Local Committee. Maintain records of Local Committee programs of work for review by the MEC.

l.   Show initiative in seeking out the issues of particular concern to the committee.

m. Once issues are identified, decide who on the committee should be asked to pursue them. Give Local Committee Chairs clear direction and any possible benchmarks for completion.

n.  Within a reasonable time, follow up with the Local Committee Chairs on the assigned task.

o.  If the task has not been completed, decide whether to assign it to someone else or ask the Local Committee Chair what assistance is needed.

p.  Mentor the committee, provide training (if applicable), contact them regularly, give them the opportunity to ask questions and, if errors are made, help them learn through these and correct.

q.  Provide assistance to Local Committees in handling issues, concerns, or other items of business as requested by a Local Committee Chairperson or LEC Officer. Take ownership of issues that have been escalated and require resolution at the MEC level.

r.  Provide feedback, rewards, and appreciation for committee members.

s.  Report progress and/or needs to the MEC Vice President on a regular basis, no less than monthly.

t.  Request approval for expenses prior to incurring the expense from the MEC Vice President. Provide expense receipts and complete an AFA-CWA Part-Time Expense Report within forty-five (45) days of incurring the expense via Concur.

u.  Maintain files for the committee and transfer them to his/her successor.

  • An MEC Committee Chairperson cannot change MEC policy.
  • Any significant discussion with the Company shall be immediately reported to the MEC Vice President.

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