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Inflight Service Contacts

Heather Coleman

MEC Chair
(206) 251-6624

Terry Bellastrazze

(503) 806-3207

Shawna Boyd 

(206) 786-0426

Jolie Miller

(541) 280-1906

Anne Strand

(206) 940-4634

Inflight Service News


Never Forget September 10, 2020 — Dear Flight Attendants, Aviation security is personal to us. No matter the uniform we wear, the routes we fly, or the years we have worn our wings we will always remember the events of September 11th, lift up heroes and do everything in our power to ensure the events…

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AFA COVID-19 Onboard Service Survey

AFA COVID-19 Onboard Service Survey JULY 28, 2020 11:00 On July 16th, management implemented an expansion of onboard service which included the addition of multiple beverage selections and the re-introduction of hot beverages as an option for passengers. During the lead up to the service expansion, members of our Master Executive Council (MEC), Inflight Service Committee, and…

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FAB Meeting Notes – June 30

FAB meeting notes 6/30/2020 In attendance, Heather Coleman AFA MEC FAB ChairJennifer Levcun AFA Health and Safety Mandy Mundy and Jesse Sexton  Heather’s Agenda items, Lack of water on long haul (DAL) and safety of FA’s. Worry about time in aisle with discussion. SRA today for service. Mandy will note that AFA is concerned that it is…

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May Food & Beverage Meeting Notes

May Packing Feedback, going ok, not a lot of reports. Please report if missing items. Reporting will help us develop what we can get and do in the future. Along with tracking trends, missing items.  Coffee use on Q400, request for 2 pots, rather than Mapco, order in SEA/PDX. Possible on starflights, I did not…

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Hand Washing on the Q400 – Revised

Hello Flight Attendants, AFA representatives and management completed hand washing testing/procedures last week on the Q400. The official testing information results are as follows: One full Mapco of hand washing water provides 12 washes at the CDC’s recommendation (20 seconds of hand washing to properly kill germs). With our Mapco’s capacity, this is enough for…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – March 13, 2020

Continuing to Advocate for Flight Attendant Protections Air Safety, Health, & Security Committee (ASHSC) An AFA communication from March 3 (COVID-19 Update) contained a comprehensive list of the requests that AFA had made of management at the time.  AFA Horizon officers and representatives have been in constant communication with management since that time to continue…

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