AFA COVID-19 Onboard Service Survey

AFA COVID-19 Onboard Service Survey JULY 28, 2020 11:00 On July 16th, management implemented an expansion of onboard service which included the addition of multiple beverage selections and the re-introduction of hot beverages as an option for passengers. During the lead up to the service expansion, members of our Master Executive Council (MEC), Inflight Service Committee, and…

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September Scheduling Notes – Bid 337

AFA Update September Scheduling Notes – Bid 337 Hello all and good day. Hope everyone is as healthy as can be. The September build is in the books and it looks like we will be flying about 1500 less credits than we did in August. That’s not a whole lot considering we are entering the…

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AFA Update – Vanguard Retirement Webinars

Vanguard Retirement Webinars As the company will be offering early out packages, AFA, in conjunction with Vanguard, the company’s 401(k) plan administrator, will be conducting an online webinar to provide information and answer questions about the planning process for retirement.  More information from Vanguard is below. Switching from earning a paycheck to living off your retirement…

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Build Your Resiliency Join these Telephonic Support Groups Just FOR FLIGHT Attendants  Sponsored by your AFA EAP/FADAP AND Facilitated by a Confidential Mental Health Professional. Learn some techniques on stress management, decision making under pressure, emotional balance and connect with flying partners during this period of uncertainty in the Aviation Industry. Join any or all…

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AFA Safety Committee Update – COVID 19 Issues Reporting

AFA Safety Committee Update – COVID 19 Issues Reporting JULY 16, MEC Air Safety Health and Security Committee Safety Committee Hello Fellow Flight Attendants, In a Zoom meeting with AFA International this week, it is strongly advised that we report any and all COVID-19 issues as an ASAP report. This is to document concerns regarding the pandemic with the FAA along with AAG Safety….

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AFA Safety Committee Update – Face Shield Approval

AFA Safety Committee Update – Face Shield Approval July 16, MEC Air safety health and security committee Safety Committee Hello Fellow Flight Attendants, I’m writing in regards to some Health and Safety topics. First, FAA has approved face shields for our protection.  Face shields are to be worn in conjunction with face masks.  It’s an…

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ASHSC Contacts

Bryan Grosvold

MEC Chair

Jennifer Levcun

Chair – LEC 16 Safety and Fatigue


Chair – LEC 17 Safety and Air Quality

Pam Powell

REP – Council 16
no phone

Kari Terrana

REP – Council 16

Jennifer Van Engelenburg

REP – Council 16
no phone

ASAP Contacts

Cliff King

MEC Chair
(503) 936-5135

Louise Evans

REP – ASAP Alternate
(503) 730-3464

Safety Links Area Coming Soon…….