The Association of Flight Attendants Employee Assistance Program (AFA EAP) is a confidential resource available to the members, their families and their partners to assist with personal, as well a work-related concerns.

MEC Chair 

Lynnette Clark - PDX

LEC 17

Tracy Lasater - Chair/PDX
Carrie Dennis - Rep/PDX
Amy Mertens - Rep/PDX

LEC 16

Stephanie Ursino - Chair/SEA
Naomi Hegger - Rep/SEA
Anne Strand - Rep/SEA

Contact EAP - 503.729.4439
International - 800.424.2406





The Grievance Committee represents Flight Attendants in discipline and contract disputes.

MEC/LEC 16 Chair


LEC 16 Rep 

Jennifer Levcun - PDX

LEC 17 Chair

Marcella Oswald - PDX

LEC 17 Rep

Kirk Hansen - PDX

System Board

Elizabeth Montgomery - PDX

The Negotiations Committee directly fights for the rights of all Horizon Flight Attendants by negotiating enhancements to our contract.

Our Negotiators are:

Lisa Davis-Warren - Negotiations Chair

Joelle Jaeger - Negotiator and Membership Engagement Lead - LEC 16

Tanya Phillips - Negotiator and Communications Lead - LEC 17

The Uniform Committee has established a relationship with management to assist in the development of a professional yet comfortable uniform.

MEC Chair 

Shawna Cox - PDX

LEC 16 Rep

Jan Crawford - PDX

LEC 17 Rep

Cliff King

Safety - Your AFA Safety Health & Security Committee works with management on matters pertaining to cabin and Flight Attendant safety, health and security issues.
ASAP - The goal of the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) is to enhance aviation safety through the prevention of accidents and incidents.

MEC/LEC 16 Chair

Bryan Grosvold - SEA

ASAP Primary Rep

Cliff King - PDX

ASAP Alternate Rep

Louise Evans - PDX

Fatigue Rep

Jennifer Levcun - SEA

Safety Rep

*Vacant* - BOI

Safety Rep

Lori Kordosky - ASHS Air Quality Lead/PDX

This Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective information sharing process between QXAFA leadership and members, including use of the website, email “blasts”, and social media outlets.

Acting MEC Chair:

Joelle Jaeger

The Hotel and Transportation Committee works with management to investigate Flight Attendants’ concerns related to hotel facilities and transportation and periodically checks for any change in quality of accommodations and services.

MEC Chair:

Jane Casey

The Reserve Committee works to ensure contractual procedures are followed by monitoring all issues specific to Flight Attendants on reserve status.

MEC Chair: 



The Benefits and Leaves Committee is available to provide services to Flight Attendants by answering questions related to Benefits, Leaves of Absence and Workers Compensation.

MEC Chair

Lisa Davis-Warren

Council 16 - Chair


GEG - Rep

Jennifer Fillion-Turnbow

The Food & Beverage Committee works with management on changes in service, procedures to be followed, and other matters pertaining to inflight service, catering and galley & service cart configuration.

MEC Chair:

Heather Coleman

The AFA Legislative Affairs Committee lobbies member of Congress, provides lobbying training to AFA members and organized grassroots member activism around issues that matter most to Flight Attendants.

MEC Chair:

Jennifer Currier

The Scheduling Committee meets each quarter to provide input to management concerning trips and schedules. 

Council 16 - Chair

Council 17 - Chair
Peter Oxentenko

What Do AFA Committees Do?

Members of AFA Committees serve in three primary roles.

  • An Expert.  Serve as the subject matter expert on the committee’s primary area of responsibility
  • A Resource.  Act as a resource about their area of expertise and work to actively educate and empower Members
  • A Voice.  Work as a liaison between Members and the Local Executive Council, Master Executive Council, and management involving matters related to the committee