MEC Committee Chairperson and Appointed Position Interviews

NOVEMBER 7, 2022 

Master Executive Council (MEC)

In accordance with AFA Horizon Air MEC Policy and Procedure Manual, the term of appointment for the MEC Committee Chairpersons is concurrent with those of the MEC Officers.  As the current MEC Officer term will end on December 31, 2022, the MEC will be conducting a review of all MEC Committee Chairperson and other MEC-level appointed positions at a Special MEC Meeting to be held December 9, 2022.

During this review process, the MEC will be interviewing interested candidates for the following MEC-level chairperson positions:

* Air Safety, Health, & Security Committee (ASHSC) Chairperson
* Leave and Benefits Committee Chairperson
* Communications Committee Chairperson
* EAP Committee Chairperson
* Government Affairs Committee Chairperson
* Grievance Committee Chairperson
* Hotel and Transportation Committee Chairperson
* Inflight Service/Training Committee Chairperson
* Jumpseat Committee
* Reserve Committee Chairperson
* Scheduling Committee Chairperson
* Uniform Committee Chairperson

Additionally, interviews will also be held for those interested in the following MEC-level appointed positions:·      

* ASAP Chair·      
* ASAP Alternate·      
* Jeppesen Chair·      
* Jeppesen Alternate·      
* Joint PBS Committee (2 positions and 1 alternate)

General Qualifications

The following qualifications apply to all MEC-level Chairperson positions:

* Previous experience as a Committee Member or Chairperson preferred (required for EAP).
* Previous committee-specific training preferred (required for EAP).
* Ability to attend meetings as required (primarily by videoconference and occasionally in-person).
* Strong computer skills.
* Good working knowledge of Inflight Mobile Device, Microsoft Office (email, calendar, and other software), and Google Workspace.
* Strong written and verbal communication skills.
* Ability to write membership communications, respond professionally to internal and external e-mail, prepare reports, and plan meetings agendas and take minutes.
* Ability to meet deadlines, delegate responsibilities, and follow up on assigned tasks.

Duties and Responsibilities

Additional information about MEC Committee Chairperson duties and responsibilities may be found by clicking here

Time Commitment and Flight Pay Loss Reimbursement

Time Commitment and Flight Pay Loss for each position will be discussed during each interview.  All positions operate in accordance with AFA’s spirit of volunteerism.

Expressing Interest and Interview Scheduling

The MEC will hold interviews of eligible candidates during a special MEC meeting on December 9th, 2022.  If you’re interested in interviewing, plan to bid around these dates or adjust your schedule accordingly to accommodate.  All interviews will be conducted using Zoom videoconferencing.

Interested candidates should submit at least one of the following: biography, resume or statement detailing your experience, as well as a Commitment to Serve statement and the position you are expressing interest in.The deadline for submissions is 9 AM Pacific time on Friday, December 2nd.  After the submission deadline, MEC Secretary-Treasurer Aimee Baird will contact eligible candidates to arrange a specific interview time.


Any questions about MEC Committee Chairperson or MEC-level appointed position duties and responsibilities should be directed to MEC Vice President Todd Anderson at
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