AFA Vacation Entitlement Update

AFA Vacation Entitlement Update

September 29, 2020 by the AIMS REP and the MEC Leave and Benefit Committee

QX Flight Attendants,

It is that time of year… we get to review your vacation totals! Are you over, or under your allotment to carry over into 2021? WILL YOU BE LOSING ANY VACATION ENTITLEMENT? Here is how you may find out!  

  • If you are 5 years or less, you can carry over. 78 hours
  • 5 -20 years carry over is 117 hours.
  • 20 years and beyond is allowed 142.5 hours.

If you find yourself over the allotment on Dec. 31st; One week of vacation; 17 credits will be paid out on the second semi-monthly check in January of the following year. After the 17-credit maximum payout, all vacation that is still above the allowable carry over will be forfeited to the company as unused. Vacation donation is a great option for helping your fellow QX employees. You can find information about Vacation donation on under Employee Resources- PTO Donation Bank. Donations will need to be completed by Dec.31.

  • For example, at 15 years seniority – If you have a total of 140 vacation hours; 117 hours will carry over, 17 will pay out on Jan 20th and 6 hours will be forfeited to the company.

New contractual language: A Flight Attendant who voluntarily transfers to a domicile in which there are insufficient weeks to replace vacation held in her/his pervious domicile may cash out all or part of any unused vacation.

To calculate your total amount of vacation for 2020:

  1. How many paychecks are left in the year? Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan.5th.  7 totals. You will need to adjust this for when you are calculating your total vacation.
  2. What is your current vacation total on your paycheck? 
  3. Do you have any vacation booked for the rest of 2020? 
  4. Vacation Accruals are based on seniority and FT or Reduced Credit status. Decide what your accrual rate is. 
    • Full time accruals: 5 Years or less 2.1666 hours – Between 5 and 20 years 3.25 – Over 20 years 3.9583
    • Reduced Credit accruals: 5 Years of less 1.0833 – Between 5 and 20 years 1.625 – Over 20 years 1.9792

Example: If I am a Full time 15-year Flight Attendant my accrual would be 3.25.  

There are 7 paychecks left in the year: 3.25×7 is …+22.75. 

My total vacation on my paycheck is: 150.00

Subtract weeks booked for 2020:  -17.00 (vacation week is 17 credits)

Total vacation leftover for 2020: 155.75

The 15-year maximum is 117 so I will forfeit 38.75 hours of vacation entitlement to the company.

I hope that this is a helpful tool for you! Please reach out to your local Officers with any general questions and to Jamie Moore with specific bidding questions! 

In Solidarity,

Jamie Moore

Also, MEC Leave and Benefits Committee