April Safety Roundtable – Repost

Hello Everyone,

Here are some notes that I took regarding the Fatigue Risk Management Plan (FRMP) and Safety Roundtable:

1. The panel discussed the importance of utilizing ASAP in conjunction with fatigue reporting.
I learned the proper verbiage to use when submitting a fatigue ASAP Report.

2. I learned that keeping the integrity of the ASAP program, along with the FRMP is dire for success in any fatigue program.

3. FRMP is solely safety based. Ensure that FRMP is not service based.

4. When working on the FRMP ask for every logical and reasonable standard of reporting 
that will gather proper/Accurate fatigue reporting. (IE pay protection and no disciplinary action on valid reporting) Start high with what you ask in an FRMP .

The second day was touching base with what each AFA Representative from all the different carriers had been working on for the year.

Bryan and myself discussed working on the FRMP and the topic of bag issues on the jet, along with IMD issues during taxi.

This was an extremely educational event for me and I send my deepest gratitude for sending me. I learned so much! Thank you!

In Gratitude and Unity,

Jennifer Levcun

AFA HZN LEC 16 Vice President
LEC 16 SEA ACT Chair
LEC 16 Health and Safety/ Fatigue Focus
LEC 16 Grievance Representative
(360) 731-6794