Company Required DEP Update

Dear Flight Attendants:

The MEC has been in contact with inflight management regarding the required DEP update needed for certain IMDs. We believe that the update is highly onerous and very challenging given the time involved to complete while on duty. We have expressed this to inflight management and they remain unconvinced and un moved by our arguments that additional pay should be provided for work performed.

The DEP update is a good reminder to Flight Attendants that any management-imposed work should only be completed while on duty. The definition of duty is ” task or action someone is required to perform”.

Your duty starts at check-in of a trip and continues until released at an outstation for rest or at the end of your trip at domicile. When you are not on duty you owe no obligation to perform work as a Flight Attendant. If you choose to perform required work while not on duty, then Inflight management sees the work performed as a choice by you the flight attendant.

Your MEC recommends that you only perform required work while on duty and if you are not able to complete the required work while on duty contact an inflight supervisor to help determine a duty period that they believe is available during your trip to accomplish the required work.

As we near the opening of contract negotiations you will see and hear from management a lot about the need to increase flight attendant productivity. Productivity in this instance = more required work with the same number of flight attendants and the same amount of hours of pay.

Performing required work while not on duty is an increase in Flight Attendant productivity without increasing Flight Attendant compensation.

In solidarity,

Horizon AFA MEC – Ed Hawes, Kirk Hansen, Heather Coleman, Lisa Davis-Warren and Deb Harding-Elliott.

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