Council Newsletter, Aug 2023

August 3, 2023

AFA Horizon – Council 16 Newsletter (BOI, PAE, SEA, GEG)

In case you missed our last newsletter.

Attendance Reviews and Disciplines
There has been a significant increase in Flight Attendants being issued Attendance Reviews (AR), Documented Verbal Warnings (DVW), and Written Warnings (WW) due to their attendance history. When a Flight Attendant calls in sick and there is no sick time in the Flight Attendants’ sick bank, each duty period missed is actionable. Occurrences such as No Show (NS), Late Show (LS), Unable to Contact (UTC), and controllable Without Pay (WP) are also actionable. Based on the CBA language (Article 9.F.) on pages 114-118, the Attendance Policy states how Attendance Reviews and Discipline will be issued and rescinded.

We encourage everyone to keep track of their sick bank hours and all actionable occurrences. Unfortunately, eCrew only shows each sick call and does not separate non-actionable vs actionable sick calls; contact Inflight management to receive this information.

If you are experiencing difficulties navigating the Hartford/Sedgwick arena, please contact Wendy Kaihara via email or at (208) 819-4069.

eCrew Next Gen
It may seem like 2017 all over again.  Those here at that time may recall that in addition to errors and delays in the bidding process in January and February 2017, there were challenges with eCrew involving SAP encountered in February and May 2017.  A settlement was finally reached in May 20217 that gave eligible flight attendants compensation for all the experienced issues.  Fortunately, this agreement also included language stating compensation of twelve (12) credits would be triggered in the future if problems arise with SAP such as the system being taken offline and/or failing to open or close within the specified window of time. 

While Council 16 Officers are excited qualified Flight Attendants have received two SAP payouts in accordance with the agreement referenced above, we also hear you and join you in your continued concerns about eCrew Next Gen.  We will continue to fight for our workgroup to improve and solve the concerns you have with eCrew Next Gen, and advocate for the sunset of the eCrew & AIMS programs

Text Messaging updates
In advance of the upcoming CBA negotiations, the Communications committee has set up text messaging as another form of communication for AFA Horizon to reach you, the Members. Join to receive future updates and important communications from AFA Horizon.

Text AFAHZN to 49484 or click here to join.

FAA Reauthorization Bill: 2023 Update
It’s critical that Congress get an FAA bill done well before the September 30 funding deadline, without any threats of shutdown or extensions. We need stable long-term funding and planning for aviation to work across the industry.

Action in the Senate
The Senate Commerce Committee has yet to mark up its bill.  Call your Senators (202) 224-3121 to urge them to get back to work to fund the FAA before it expires on September 30, 2023. 

Remain Ready to Act
Stay tuned. We need to stay ready to act to ensure this bill gets done to strengthen our national air system without any harmful measures that undercut safety. 

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Crew Room sit
Our monthly Membership meeting has been canceled for August since our LEC President will be in DC attending the negotiations training. However, the LEC Vice President and Secretary will be in the SEA crew room on August 9th; 09:00-15:00. During this base sit the focus will be on questions and concerns about leaves and benefits. Come by and visit!!

Did you know… Day of Solidarity
AFA Alaska’s August 15 Day of Solidarity is coming up soon! AFA Alaska is counting on our support to demonstrate our solidarity in their first negotiation session since management’s promise of industry-leading pay expired. Plan to join one of the informational pickets being held in all six bases, and RSVP now using this link to let them know you’ll be there!

When we fight, we win

Did you know… Air Quality event tools
AFA has tools to help recognize and respond to an onboard fume event.  Here is some information:

  1. Print and carry this AFA onboard fumes reporting form.
  2. Follow these steps to distinguish a fume event from ‘just a bad odor’.
  3. Print and carry this printer-friendly version of the AFA onboard fumes decision-making flow chart.
  4. Carry your fume event information card on your lanyard.
  5. AFA members can access ‘onboard fume events’ trainings to learn how to recognize and respond.
  6. Watch and share educational videos.

New hire class
Welcome the newest Flight Attendants to join Horizon.  22 of these new hires will be joining Council 16, and they will be based in BOI (3), PAE (3), SEA (4) and GEG (12).

Know your contract

  • Article F.1.a.
    • If a Flight Attendant who has submitted her/his passport more than 30 days prior to its expiration, has international flying, she/he will be rescheduled to a domestic Trip pursuant to Article 6.F, no more than 24 hours before check-in for the original trip. If no flying is available for the Flight Attendant, she/he will be given the days off with no loss of pay.”

Upcoming calendar

  • SEA Base sit, August 9
  • Scheduling committee meeting, August 14
  • AFA Alaska ‘Day of solidarity’, August 15
  • Local 16 Officers meeting, August 24

Until our next check-in, fly safe!

“Stronger Together, Better Together”