Election Notice: MEC Officer Candidates

Election Notice: MEC Officer Candidates

As previously communicated, the voting members of the MEC (LEC Presidents) will conduct an election for MEC Officers at the next MEC meeting on November 4th, 2022. This meeting will be held in Seattle, WA, location and times to be communicated no later than Monday, October 31st.

Eligible Candidates

The following Flight Attendants have met the requirements outlined in Article III.C of the MEC Policy and Procedure Manual and are considered eligible candidates for MEC Office:

MEC President

Heather Coleman
Lisa Davis-Warren

MEC Vice President

Todd Anderson
Bryan Grosvold
Danielle Houk
Jamie Moore

MEC Secretary-Treasurer

Aimee Baird
Joshua Haimes
Pam Powell


If you have any questions about MEC Officer elections, please contact your LEC President. If you wish to review a candidate’s resume and/or confirm a commitment to serve is on file, please contact Aimee Baird, MEC Secretary-Treasurer (aimeebaird@afahorizon.org).