Issues with SAP

Flight Attendants,  

We have notified management that there are two separate contractual glitches that are impacting Flight Attendants in SAP (Scheduling Adjustment Period). Denials received for these glitches are below:   

  1. Max credits exceeded in the 31 days period: Flight Attendants have received this denial code when trying to pick up additional credits within SAP, which is In-fact contractually allowed.  
  2. Flight time exceeded in the 7-day period: Flight Attendants received this denial when attempting to pick up over 30 block in a 7-day period. The system should not be denying this because we are under flight attendant duty regulations. ALL Flight Attendants are required to have 24 hours off from duty in a 7-day period but can exceed 30 block hours.  

If you have been impacted by these denials please send screenshots, trip numbers and a description of your trade/drop/pick up request to and CC   

We are actively monitoring this situation and will update you when more information becomes available.   

 Jamie Moore 
360-790-0039 .