MEC Statement – Post Incident – Flt. 2059

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Our union is in contact and supporting our Flight Attendants who were directly affected by the incident on Flight 2059 last night. The professionalism displayed by these crew members is heroic and all of us are thankful for their quick action. The skill and professionalism of the working Flight Attendants and pilots kept this event from being catastrophic. We want to commend the entire crew. We will continue to support them the way they fought for all of us.

“Flight Attendants are aviation’s first responders and last line of defense in aviation security. The Horizon AFA crew on Flight 2059 represent the best of our profession,” said Sara Nelson, AFA International President. “Our union is supporting the crew at every level. Flight Attendants save lives every day. Today, we recognize the heroic actions last night that saved 83 lives.

AFA EAP is always available for any Horizon AFA Flight Attendant at 800-424-2406. 

Lisa Davis-Warren
Master Executive Council President


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