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Hello QX Flight Attendants!  

On December 14th, the AFA AIMS rep and MEC Crew Scheduling Chair were notified that the scheduled AIMS update had created some errors. It was explained that one of the errors was tied to the Credit Sort List; however, the details of this error were not further disclosed. Horizon Air created and sent an urgent ticket to AIMS (located in Athens, Greece) regarding this error. On Dec. 16th, a new patch was provided by AIMS. Through testing within the Horizon Air AIMS team, it was determined that the issue had not been resolved using this patch.   

The Credit Sort List is contractually required to be updated every 15 minutes, as well as accessible in eCrew. Failure to do so is a contractual violation. The MEC has been in consistent communication with inflight management working to find an adequate workaround while the digital list is non-functional. To date, management is unwilling to agree to any workaround for publishing the crew scheduling credit sort list and/or granting access to the crew scheduling version of this report to AFA and/or Flight Attendants.  Because of the unavailability of the Credit Sort List in eCrew, management has advised us that Flight Attendants should call Crew Scheduling for all scheduling related information they may need related to the order of assignment while on extended/home/airport reserve.  

Both AFA and inflight management have been advised that once a corrected software update is provided, the Credit Sort List should be posted consistently in accordance with our Contract. The MEC was last advised this would be no earlier than January 13th, but should happen very quickly after testing is completed on the 13th. In the interim, please take some time to review the language addressing the Order of Assignment for Reserves, which may be found in Article 7.E, starting on page 94. Following Self-Assignment, assignments are made based on the available reserve’s type (AM or PM), days available, and credit earned while on reserve. Other factors include:          

·        Days of availability
·        Time Flown/Credited toward guarantee in the bid month
·        First/Last out  
·        Where reserves are based if needed for an out of base trip  
·        APSB or ER 
·        Line holder picked up reserve  

A grievance on behalf of all flight attendants was promptly filed on the CBA violation. The MEC will continue to advocate for our contractual resources to be provided until full system functionality is restored. If you have any questions or concerns after contacting Crew Scheduling, please reach out to your local officers or committee representatives. Better together, Stronger together 
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