Negotiations Survey – CLOSING SOON!

September 25, 2023

This message is intended for Council 16 Members (BOI, PAE, SEA, GEG).  

Negotiation Survey – CLOSING SOON!

The survey closes this Friday, September 29 at noon

Join the effort to get 100%! YOUR voice matters, let’s join together and speak up! 

To take the survey, scan this QR code or click here.  

Filling out this survey helps the negotiations committee and your LEC President understand YOUR needs and desires for our next contract.  All Flight Attendants are able to take part in this survey.

Please share this QR code and/or link with your fellow Flight Attendants.

Upcoming Town Halls

Many of you have been asking when the first Town Hall with the MEC Officers will be held, which was announced in a September 4th communication. Your Local Officers have been informed that the date of this Town Hall will be published as soon as the MEC Officers have decided when this Town hall will occur. 

Keep an eye out for this information.  All Members are encouraged to attend to stay informed and voice YOUR opinions. Your Local Officers apologize this information was not released on the date promised.

Communication Tool

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