PDX Embassy Suites Incident

In the small hours of the morning a few days ago,  there  was an incident in Portland, about 50 yards from the perimeter of our crew hotel at the Embassy Suites, that involved a firearm being discharged in a private dispute between two parties. There were no casualties and authorities responded immediately.  

The seriousness with which law enforcement, Horizon Air, and the Embassy Suites take a possible shooting is extremely high. 

While an incident like this has never happened in this area before, this is a safe area with significant law enforcement presence on a regular basis with the Portland FBI field Office and Homeland Security located within blocks of the hotel and they perform regular patrols at normal times.  

Moving forward, we wanted to share with you what is being done to ensure our crews safety.  We have been assured there will be an increased presence of security not only with the hotel doubling its onsite security presence, but the law enforcement agencies increasing their presence and patrols as well, to ensure future incidents are prevented.

Thank you for your continued support in knowing we have your safety at the forefront.

Judi Harrison-Goold

AFA HZN MEC Hotel Chair

(360) 631-0792