QX Hotel Update SAN & RNO

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, AFL-CIO
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     ***You made the difference!***

Thank you for all your reports in regard to the SAN hotel.  Due to ongoing issues, the company has moved the crews to an alternate property until further notice.  Please make sure to check your CrewConnex for room confirmation and transportation information.  Stay tuned for more information!                                            

                                                                            ***Hotel Shuttles***

Please note the shuttle times marked on the sign-in sheets or discussed with the front desk are the times the shuttle leaves the hotel, not the time you should be downstairs.  It is always a good practice to be in the lobby or hotel designated pick-up area 5-10 minutes before the scheduled shuttle departure time.

On another note, we are aware of the continuous on-going issues with shuttle services at the majority of our properties.

Our contract states that we should only have to wait 25 minutes from the time the plane arrives at the gate.   If there is a delay of more  than 25 minutes, or there is an issue with your transportation, please call CS asap. It is your rest period you are giving up if you are waiting longer than contractually obligated.

Please note that when the shuttle service is provided by a third party (ie taxi, transportation company) and not the hotel shuttle, the arrangements are not made by the hotel.  Please report all issues on CrewConnex under “Submit Feedback”.  It is helpful to include what flight you came in/are leaving on and the time of the issue

                                                                     ***Exciting News In RNO!***                        

As of March 1st, 2024 we will be moving to a new location in RNO.  This new hotel has so much to offer and less than 2 miles from the airport so crews can enjoy maximum rest periods.  The spacious guest rooms have all the comforts we expect including a mini-fridge with a small freezer and microwave.  Enjoy the spacious outdoor roof deck pool plus a huge gym boasting floor to ceiling windows to take in the view, there is plenty of space & equipment for everyone.

Coffee and water are available 24 hrs in different parts of the lobby as well as a MarketPlace by the front desk.  There will not be a crew discount for pantry items.  A complimentary Buffet Breakfast is available  from 6:30am – 9:30am during weekdays, and 7am-10-am on weekends.  Grab and Go will be available 4am – 6:30am – coffee, granola bar, muffin, yogurt, banana The bar has appetizers available from 4pm-10pm with crew receiving a 10% discount.

If you Google search the property (please refer to the email you registered with QX AFA for more detailed information) you will find some great off-property places to dine, a market and perhaps a Casino or two! 

As for transportation, check CrewConnx for information on who will be shuttling us.  Please note, the hotel does not make the arrangements for our shuttles.  If you have a concern or question, please call Crew Scheduling.

Safe Flying,

AFA QX Hotel/Transportation Committee

Judi Harrison-Goold