Reminders From The Grievance Team

Reminders From The Grievance Team

Hello Fellow Flight Attendant’s!

The Grievance Team has compiled a list of items that may assist with keeping us out of disciplinary action.

Helpful Reminders:

  1.  Never appear to be sleeping in your jumpseat or anywhere on the aircraft when passengers are present.
  2. Keep all liquor, beer, wine on the aircraft. Management will consider it theft if these items are removed from the plane. 
  3. Remember, we only get 10 days a year of attendance occurrences when off probation. These include sick, late, UTC’s, no shows.  Remember to call Matrix, get on FMLA, follow through with procedures to protect your job.
  4. Respect each other’s differences, kindness goes a long way.
  5. Reserves must be at your base for your reserve time.  Management does audit our flight benefits and if you are scheduled to be on reserve, that means that you are physically at your base. Not traveling on a plane trying to get to your base. 
  6. Practice safety always. Remember, if you are on taxi, take-off or landing, do not be on your phone texting. QX has ghost riders and you are being watched at any time while on duty.
  7. Please do not take food items off the plane when you are going home. This is looked at as theft (Temporarily there are COVID-19 exceptions for overnights at hotel without food options).
  8. Be in uniform and in professional standards.

These are the top disciplinary issues that your grievance team has noticed are on the rise.  We are here to assist you, please know your contract and your rights. Advocate for yourself and follow the company policies and procedures.

Fly safe and thank you!

In Solidarity,

Jennifer Levcun
AFA HZN LEC 16 Vice President
LEC 16 SEA ACT Chair
LEC 16 Health, Safety and Security Chair
LEC 16 Grievance Chair
MEC Fatigue Chair
(360) 731-6794