Scheduling Notes – BID 327, November

November Bid 327 – Scheduling Notes 

The solution for November, was again, not our first choice. AFA proposed a solution that had the SEA-OKC and the SEA-ICT turns set as a day trip, a single turn. All other parameters were the same as the one that was agreed upon.  AFA’s first choice of solutions was approximately $16k more than the chosen solution.

We were able to implement some of the suggestions that were forwarded to us via your base scheduling reps. The Crew Planning Liaison did not receive many requests for November. If you have any requests, please let your base representatives know so that we can try to implement them for November.  

Parameters for the Pairing Solution

The parameters that AFA was able to include in the final pairing solution are as follows:

Turn time in PDX was lowered from 70 minutes to 60 minutes.

Rest may not be shorter than the duty days either before or after said rest. So, however long your duty hours are for the day, your rest will have to match your duty or exceed it and vice versa. However long your rest is the previous night is how long your scheduled duty is the next day (so, if you work 12 hours during the day you will get at least 12 hours of scheduled rest that night and would not be scheduled for more than 12 hours the next day). 

A max of five (5) scheduled flight legs/day, which includes any DHs (of course there can be less flight legs).

11-hour minimum rest. 

3:00 max sit times in PDX and SEA with 2:00 max sit times at all other airports. SNA set to 2:40 to avoid any double DH situations.

MFR: Forced away the late-night SEA-MFR (landing after midnight) There a few overnights in new cities for MFR this month.

PDX:  Decreased turn time from 70 minutes to 60 minutes.

PAE: Increased flying by 500 credit hours for a total of 3500 credit hours again in this bid.

November will be our eighth full month of mixed-pairing flying.  There are a total of 1339 trips between all bases.  Of those 330 are pure E175 flying and 283 are pure Q400 flying and 726 mixed trips.  That’s 54.2% mixed, 24.6% trips are pure E175, and 21.2% are pure Q400 trips. 

Break down by base: 

  • BOI has 123 total trips; 0 E175 trips; 76 Q400 trips; and 47 mixed (38.2% mixed) 
  • GEG has 227 total trips; 31 E175 trips; 50 Q400 trips; and 146 mixed (64.3% mixed)
  • MFR has 61 total trips; 0 E175 trips; 27 Q400 trips; and 34 mixed (55.7% mixed)
  • PDX has 389 total trips; 94 E175 trips; 68 Q400 trips; and 227 mixed (58.4% mixed)
  • SEA has 347 total trips; 32 E175 trips; 62 Q400 trips; and 253 mixed (72.9% mixed and this doesn’t include PAE flying) 
  • PAE has 192 total trips; 173 E175 trips; 0 Q400 trips; and 19 mixed (0.10% mixed

Percentage of trips/day: 

Base 1-Day 2-Day 3-Day 4-Day 5-Day
BOI 35.4 25.9 28.6 10.2  
GEG 10.4 48.9 26.9 11.9 1.9
MFR 22.2 63.9 6.9 6.9 N/A
PDX 20.1 15.6 34.7 29.6 N/A
SEA 15.0 5.0 28.8 51.2 N/A
PAE 39.0 41.1 9.7 10.2 N/A

Credit per base: 

BOI 2655:44 7.7%
GEG 5492:52 15.9%
MFR 1191:26 3.5%
PDX 10821:54 31.4%
SEA 10783:48 31.3%
PAE 3496:26 10.2%
SEA (total) 14280:14 41.5%

Credit Time/Duty: 

BOI:     4:52 

GEG:   5:05 

MFR:   4:46 

PDX:    4:59 

SEA:    4:58 

PAE:    5:17

Changes to Overnights

            Returning overnights in DAL, LAX, MCI and SFO

            Removed overnights in ONT, SLC, SMF and STL

New/Returning Markets

Mainline to CPA Total trips in Market # Trips Impacted Eqp First Operation
LASLAX 5 1 QX E75 5-Nov-19
LAXSFO 10 1 QX E75 5-Nov-19
LAXSJC 4 1 QX E75 5-Nov-19
OO to QX Total trips in Market # Trips Impacted Eqp First Operation
BZNPDX 1 1 QX E75 5-Nov-19
DALLAX 3 1 QX E75 5-Nov-19
DALSEA 4 2 QX E75 5-Nov-19
MCISAN 1 1 QX E75 5-Nov-19
MSPPDX 1 1 QX E75 5-Nov-19
OAKPDX 2 1 QX E75 5-Nov-19
PDXSLC 2 1 QX E75 21-Nov-19
PSPSFO 4 1 QX E75 5-Nov-19

We would like to welcome Miria Davis as the new scheduling representative for the Boise base. If you have any recommendations in BOI please contact Miria.  

We will continue to advocate for improvements for our members each month during the pairing development process. Our schedule makes a huge difference in determining our work-life balance as well as our overall pay. Again, if you have any comments or suggestions, please advise your base scheduling reps.

In solidarity,

Cyndy Mathison
MEC Crew Scheduling Liaison

Council 17 (PDX/MFR)

Scheduling Chair – Peter Oxentenko
Scheduling Reps – Jolene Vallelunga-Heller and Sherry Busch (PDX) and Jana Gray (MFR)

Council 16 (SEA/GEG/BOI)

Council 16 Scheduling Reps – Kenneth Cantu and Nicole Lajuett (SEA), Heather Coleman (PAE), Jennifer Turnbow (GEG) and Miria Davis (BOI)