Spokane Parking

Spokane Parking

Here is an update regarding the employee parking lot in GEG and what your LEC 16 reps have been working on.

As you know, we have an employee parking lot that is located out on Flint Road behind the rental car facility. There have been concerns brought to our attention involving safety and the lack of security in that lot. Your reps and officers have spoken in length to the GEG port management. Unfortunately, aside from a report about snow on the sidewalk, there have been no official reports of safety issues brought to the port recently.

They assured us of the safety provisions currently in place and have provided us with a phone number for 24-hour access to a live person who will dispatch immediate assistance for police, EMT, fire department or other safety issues that may require assistance. If an issue arises, please use this phone number: (509) 455-6429.

For us to affect a change, we need to have documentation through reports if an incident takes place and it should be reported to the port, your union and the company.

Please place this dispatch number in your phone contact list for emergencies: (509) 455-6429. This phone number is not limited to just the employee parking lot but any of the lots for GEG port. This is also available for all GEG QX employees as well.

Remember to REPORT any issues or incidents! If you have any questions, or comments feel free to reach out to your union reps or officers.

In solidarity,

Jennifer Turnbow, GEG Base Representative
(509) 992-8609